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SuperAgi[TM] takes on all products, more packages.

The design of the SuperAgi[TM] retort utilizes an evolutionary process based on the FMC Steam Water Spray[TM] (SWS[TM]) sterilizer. The SWS[TM] sterilizer delivers high-energy efficiency but in an agitating mode of centrifugal force limiting the speed to 12 rpm. Documented up to 25 rpm, the new design utilizes a slip ring to direct water into a basket or container-racking system. The design improves water penetration and completely eliminates the water-shearing effect of a fixed manifold application as an insert rotates past the nozzle's spray path. This improvement allows for higher rpm speeds while maintaining efficiency of the SWS[TM] process. SuperAgi[TM] is also more energy efficient than the conventional SWS[TM]. The sterilizer, capable of multifunctional processing methods, can process in SWS[TM], partial, and full immersion environments. This flexibility provides the ability to process many kinds of products and a wide variety of packages including cans, glass, plastic, pouches, and more.


FMC FoodTech, Madera, California USA; 559-661-3200,

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Publication:Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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