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Super-silly summer sports.

Are you in the run for fun? Then hold your own special sports extravaganza in your backyard. Invite your friends to join the competition and fun.

Radical Running Races Time individual runners or teams as they sprint to the finish. Race ideas:

Reverse Running--Run backward from start to finish.

Ornery Orange Offering--Run and pass an orange from beneath your chin to beneath a teammate's chin.

Animal Actions--Race using animal movements: leap like a frog, hop like a kangaroo, inch like an inchworm, or slither like a snake.

Outrageous Obstacle Oval

Your kooky course of fun might include:

* crawling through a large empty box;

* twenty push-ups;

* one-foot jump roping;

* hopping around a trail of empty milk jugs;

* singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" while doing jumping jacks;

* running the length of the yard holding a water-filled dipper;

* balancing on a slightly raised piece of wood while walking backward.

Blindfolded Ball Bomb

Spin around five times blindfolded, then toss a tennis ball toward an empty pail. Fun, because the athlete may not be facing the target after spinning. The tennis ball landing closest to the pail wins.

Create banners, signs, ribbons to add to the sporty look and feel of the events. Make them with cardboard, paper scissors, crayons, paint, felt-tip markers, fabric scraps, etc. Use an overturned wooden box as your awards podium.

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