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Super sauce.

VIETNAMESE IS ONE OF THE HOTTEST CULINARY TRENDS, but up until now those who wanted to partake in the cuisine's signature nuoc cham (pronounced nook-chumb) sauce had to make it from scratch. That prompted officials at Spring Kitchen, a Houston-based third generation Vietnamese-American owned and operated manufacturer of egg rolls and spring rolls, to develop Spring Kitchen Sweet Garlic Nuoc Cham Sauce with Zesty Lime.

"Nuoc Cham (water dipping) sauce is quintessential to Vietnamese cuisine," says Thu Do, founder of Spring Kitchen, based in Houston. "It is made with an anchovy extract fish sauce, and used as the base of Vietnamese cooking."

Spring Kitchen Sweet Garlic Nuoc Cham Sauce with Zesty Lime is available in an 1l.5-ounce glass bottle with a suggested retail of $5.99. A gallon food service jug is also available.

"In addition to a dipping sauce, nuoc cham can be used in rice, noodles, as a marinade and even as a salad dressing," Do says. "It is even great just sauteed with kale instead of oil or water."

Spring Kitchen Nuoc Cham can be merchandised in three different areas of the store, Do says, including the Asian section, the salad dressing aisle and the refrigerated deli case.

"We recently came out with a retail pack on our spring rolls and egg rolls that are shipped frozen but merchandised slacked out in the deli section with the sauce next to it," she says. "The sauce doesn't have to be refrigerated but tastes very good chilled."

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