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BEATLES legend Ringo Starr has opened his private photo album to give fans a fascinating insight into life on the road with the Fab Four.

His brilliant new ebook Photograph contains unseen snaps of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo on tour, in the studio and relaxing on family holidays.

Drummer Ringo, 72, said: "I have always loved taking photos. When I was archiving all my stuff for a new Ringo exhibition at the Grammy Museum in LA I found a whole album of negatives I'd totally forgotten about in a drawer and another album of photos. They brought back some incredible memories."

Here, in our final exclusive extract from Photograph, Ringo shares his snaps of the world's greatest band at the height of their fame, relaxing and having fun.

3 SEE these and many more of Ringo's exclusive pictures in his new ebook Photograph published by Genesis Publications available from the iBookstore and www. from today, price PS9.99.

John ahoy! wds WinSt am WE were on a boat in Florida here. Somebody lent us their yacht, it was a motor launch. We went out but they let me drive, you know, I had the steering wheel, and I came into port straight on, ha ha! I didn't sort of swing it sideways, and broke the rail. But you know, you're a Beatle, you can break the rails on anybody's yacht in those days.

co rt JohTM John puts his foot in it THAT'S a great colour shot. John, Cynthia, Maureen and I were on holiday in Tobago.

If memory serves, I think that lady is getting sea urchin spines out of John's foot! getting se He trod on a sea urchin - who knew they were dangerous? y Paul and John on song THIS is a favourite shot of John and Paul in the studio.

TJos t They've got the words of the song scribbled out on that piece of paper.

If you zoom into it on the ebook you may be able to read what song we're doing.... he o e Paul's getting focused AcacT th AS you can see, Paul had a camera.... George had a camera......we all had cameras. That would be an interesting thing - if everyone collected my photos, Paul's photos, John's photos and George's photos we could have "The Beatles Photos"....just an idea.

I used to have a movie camera too, but sadly all that footage has been lost.

i I still take a lot of photos. Now it's so easy - you've got your digi camera, and your phone, so I don't shoot with film much more.

Monkey business th THIS is us having breakfast in the jungle in India. You had to fight the monkeys off because they'd steal your food, but I don't have a shot of the monkeys! I wasn't there too long, I was there a couple of weeks. It was incredible though. But we had to get back, we'd just had a baby, and two weeks was enough time to be away from him. But I thank Maharishi to this day, he gave me a mantra that I can still use. Tjumy Jumping g Hbt it m HERE I am - a flying Beatle. I'm about to bomb into the pool. If you look closely there's a mark on the negative..... but it makes it look like I'm doing all that with a fag in my mouth - ha, ha!

for joy ely t t HwT HERE'S Paul being very Liverpool, with his bandana on his head! That's Jane Asher (his then girlfriend) in the chair. We were at the ashram, Maharishi's place in India.

in I was in hospital visiting Maureen and Jason, my son who had just been born, and I got two messages, one from John and one from George: "We've just seen this guy, Maharishi, doing a seminar in the Hilton" and "You've gotta see him!" Anyway, we went to Wales and we met Maharishi. Then, of course, the same trip, manager Brian Epstein died and we came back.

e The following year, 1968, we went to India.

GeTBos George in the frame THERE'S George. If you look at the Beatles shots, in 90% of them one of us is smoking, or we're all smoking, or we're all drinking...... in those clean-cut Beatle days!

th Alcohol was a natural thing to do - it was just part of our lives. o But now I am green tea-total!

Catch of the day WE went fishing, it seems. That's what we did when we went on holiday!

see e WdAd A good time was had by all in those days. Here's John, me, my first wife Maureen and John's first wife Cynthia with our catch.

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Date:Jun 12, 2013
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