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Super Speeds.

In "Defying Gravity" (pp. 10-13), you learned that the Gravity Jet Suit can reach a top speed of 56 miles per hour. The graph below shows the top speeds of some land animals and vehicles. Study the graph, then answer the questions.

1. The Gravity Jet Suit is closest in speed to which animal or vehicle?

(A) Amtrak train (C) Racehorse

(B) African lion (D) Human runner

2. Based on the graph, how much faster is a NASCAR car than the Gravity Jet Suit?

(A) less than 130 miles per hour faster

(B) about 130 miles per hour faster

(C) more than 130 miles per hour faster

(D) They are about the same speed.

3. True or False: The Gravity Jet Suit can travel more than twice as fast as a racehorse.

4. If the Amtrak train traveled at its top speed for three hours, how far would it go?

5. How are the top three objects in the graph different from the bottom three objects? How might that affect the speed of each?


1. b 2. c 3. False 4.450 miles 5. The top three objects in the graph are all vehicles powered by engines, while the bottom three are all animals. The engines allow the vehicles to move faster than the animals.


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