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Super Products' Mud Dog hydro excavators combine safety, reliability and versatility.


Super Products' Mud Dog hydro excavators feature the safety, reliability and versatility essential to meet demanding excavation applications and harsh environments. The Mud Dog is the only hydro excavator on the market with an ejector plate unloading system to scrape the body clean, making it the fastest and easiest unit to unload.

The Mud Dog's safety-focused engineering enables it to virtually eliminate utility line damage during the excavation of locations for poles and light posts, safely expose electrical lines for repairs, clean out manholes, catch basins, culverts and casings up to 300 feet deep, expose utilities without the threat of cutting or rupturing a line or pipe, cut trenches quickly and easily, or expose sections of lines, laterals and piping.

The 235-cubic-foot cabinet features a triplex water pump that is superior to single piston-type pumps because it ensures a reliable, smooth flow of water; a backup redundant control station in case wireless remote or pendant control is lost; a heater to protect pump, hose and water lines from freezing as well as provide heat to dry clothing, gloves and boots; an adjustable water heater to heat water on demand for thawing frozen soil; an RV anti-freeze protection option and 110 GFI receptacle option.

With a control station to operate all dump functions, operators remain protected behind the cab away from ejected debris. An emergency shutdown switch enables the engine to be shut off at the operator's command station.

The Mud Dog's four-stage airflow filtration system extends blower life with its large capacity (10 or 16 cubic yard) debris body with ejector plate; twin float balls for liquid shut-off, cyclone separator for effective removal of carryover material from the airstream and pleated element final filter to provide superior protection of the positive displacement blower from fine particulate materials in the airstream.

The unit's air-backed elbow forces incoming debris to wear against other debris instead of wearing out the steel junction. With the option of either a four-foot extendible or eight-foot telescopic boom, the Mud Dog's 305 degree rotation allows for greater range of motion. Its worm gear drive provides smooth positioning movement and strong, reliable movement even on uneven ground.

The unit features ejector-type debris removal to provide consistent dump cycle time with all soil types. It also allows for removal of debris when overhead obstructions are present and safe dumping off-road or on uneven terrain. 262-796-5939,
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Date:Apr 1, 2009
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