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Super Foods Innovator Nature Sprouts Introduces Line Of Sprouted Legumes.

Nature Sprouts, a groundbreaker in super foods, unveils its new line of sprouted legumes on its website

NEW YORK, Oct. 30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Nature Sprouts has finally unveiled its signature product for super foods seekers and high protein dieters. The food manufacturer is featuring several varieties of sprouted legumes on its website and in select stores.


"Nature Sprouts has achieved something monumental with the introduction of our line of frozen sprouted legumes. We have developed a nutritious and tasty product that features a long shelf life without sacrificing its nutritional value," said Yitz Rosenbluth, Co-Founder of Nature Sprouts and Executive Vice President of Bodek.

The process of sprouting typically increases the nutrient levels of the food because seeds require significant nutrition to develop into plants. In many cases, the sprouting also breaks down sugars in the seed, making it easier to digest.

Nature Sprouts has perfected a method of freezing the sprouted legumes, allowing people to stock up on these high protein delicacies at a reasonable price. Customers are free to choose from kidney, navy, and garbanzo beans. The more adventurous consumer may appreciate the bean mix, which combines all three products into one sprouted delight.

The products are available at select locations and will become more widely available as demand grows. Customers interested in receiving a list of locations or placing a bulk order should contact the company directly at 855-397-7768.

The website also includes a list of interesting dishes that can be made with the sprouted legumes. The recipe list is divided based on bean preference and includes tasty dishes from three bean salad to homemade hummus dip.

Those interested in learning more about these healthy products should check out the company's website at The sprouted legumes maker engages with its fanbase at and

Media Contact: Yitz Rosenbluth, Co-FounderC? 855-397-7768

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Date:Oct 30, 2013
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