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Super Bowl trivia Which players have had the most big game appearances?

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According to, seven of the 10 most-watched television broadcasts in U.S. history have been Super Bowls. Fans with especially sharp eyes and memories might have noticed some players have appeared in more Super Bowls than others.

Tom Brady, considered by many to be the greatest quarterback of all-time, has appeared in eight Super Bowls as New England Patriots signal caller, winning five. The eight appearances are the most ever, and Bradys five Super Bowl wins with a single team are a record as well.

Incredibly, Brady is still going at age 41, so he might even add to his record number of Super Bowl appearances.

Even die-hard football fans might be surprised to learn Mike Lodish, a nose tackle who played for the Buffalo Bills and Denver Broncos, has appeared in the second most Super Bowls of any player in NFL history. Lodish was a member of the Buffalo Bills teams of the early 1990s that lost four consecutive Super Bowls. But Lodish would eventually play in two more for the Broncos, winning them both.

Many players have appeared in five Super Bowls. Cornelius Bennett, Lodishs teammate on the Bills, appeared in five Super Bowls during his career. Unfortunately for Bennett, he lost all five, including one with the Falcons after he departed Buffalo as a free agent.

On the flip side of that coin is Charles Haley, who shares Bradys record for Super Bowl wins as a player. Haley appeared in five Super Bowls during his playing days with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, winning all five.

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Date:Jan 30, 2019
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