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Super Bowl Sunday.

Simon Eber, Grade 6

Midland Street School, Worcester

The teams are set; all season they have tried to get to the one final game! Some people watch for the game and the love of the sport. Yet for me, I watch for the commercials and seeing all the products. My dad and I make nachos to have with the game. Sometimes I have to go to bed in the middle, but I sneak out of my room to watch the rest of the game. Once I was heard laughing and had to go to sleep. I love Super Bowl Sunday....commercials.

Arba Kamberi, Grade 5

Flagg Street School, Worcester

On Super Bowl Sunday we watch the game but we don't go crazy over it. We get pizza and everything and watch the game, but before we do we guess which team will win. So as we watch, there are some points when we are at the edge of our seats or when it's just boring. But when we need to get water we always pause, because if we don't, we have to watch the whole 10 minutes back. When the game ends, we do a mini cheer. Then we play games.

Jennifer Jarzobski, Grade 6

Midland Street School, Worcester

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the National Football League or in other words NFL. It's also the most watched program in America and the second most watched program worldwide! There is going to be all the popular football teams, like the Browns, Panthers, 49ers, and many more. In conclusion Super Bowl Sunday is an exciting event for most people.

Christian Porcaro, Grade 5

Flagg Street School, Worcester

Super Bowl Sunday is a football watching, nacho-eating, cheering on team exciting day. Every Super Bowl Sunday I go over my aunt's house and watch the game. The commercials are always the best! We also make cheese and salsa covered nachos and buffalo wings during the game. It is always fun watching the home team make amazing interceptions or jaw-dropping catches. Super Bowl Sunday is a great day!

Michael Boutros, Grade 5

Flagg Street School, Worcester

If you watch football, you have to watch the Super Bowl. I have always enjoyed watching the Super Bowl especially when my favorite team (Patriots) are in. Every year my family and I go to my living room with snacks and we begin to watch the game. My favorite part of the Super Bowl is the halftime show, where they have all the best singers, singing their hit songs. This year the singer is Katy Perry. Don't forget about those awesome and funny commercials. Super Bowl Sunday is held Feb. 4 at 6:29 p.m. This is why I love Super Bowl Sunday!

Madeleine Wanat, Grade 6

Midland Street School, Worcester

Super Bowl Sunday is the most exciting day in all of the football season. We all sit on the couch right before the Super Bowl starts, usually with friends and family. As my mom makes appetizers, we all hurry down to the basement to watch the game. As it starts, you can see the excitement on everybody's face, thinking who is going to win. Every time a team scores, everybody yells "Touchdown!'' The anxiety of wondering who is going to win excites us all.

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