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Super Blood Wolf Moon: Flat-Earthers come up with their own model to explain it.

Colombo, Jan. 27 -- If we wanted to insult someone who, along with us, was born in the 20 th century, the easiest way todo it was to brand him or her as someone who still believed that the Earth was flat. In the 21 st century, however, it's not the case anymore; there is a growing community, especially in the USA and UK, who believe that the Earth is, in fact, flat, not spherical.

They grabbed headlines this week again by claiming that the Super Blood Wolf Moon that we witnessed a few days ago was not caused by the movement of the Moon through the shadow of the Earth. On the contrary, it was caused by a shadowy object that is yet to be identified. They say it orbits the Sun while triggering off lunar eclipses.

The Flat-Earthers, who believe that our planet is as flat as a pancake, have been a thorn in the side of scientists for some time. In recent times, they have been more and more vocal while promoting their views, thanks to the advent of social media and of course, YouTube.

The influence of the movement has grown to such an extent that the science bodies have been forced to confront them with counter-attacks on various platforms - finally. NASA, former astronauts and prominent physicist have decided that they have to act.

According to Flat-Earthers, the Arctic is at the centre of the flat Earth, the pancake, and the Antarctic builds an ice wall at its edge. They blame our inability to go past the ice wall and take a peek over the edge, not surprisingly, on NASA - the saboteurs of the mission.

Like our established religions, there are a few denominations in the Flat-Earth movement too; so are the distinct levels of belief.

In the following video, watched by over 24 million on the planet - flat or spherical - a determined Flat-Earther explains their theory in detail:

Some, for instance, think that the ice wall will be gone due to global warming at some point in the near future and then, we will be able to go as far as the edge - or drop off it, if we fancy it; where the daredevils would end up in the event of the thrill-seeking adventure, however, is far from clear.

The Flat-Earthers have different views on the Sun as well. They think it is not millions of miles away in space. On the contrary, it is much closer to the Earth than we are led to believe. "If the Sun is in space, why space is dark while we have light on the Earth?" they ask the scientists.

Moreover, Flat-Earthers believe that both the Sun and the Earth are accelerating upwards at a rate, 9.8ms-2. They have been vague, however, as to what happens it the speed reaches that of the speed of light, if the system continues to go up at that rate; the Theory of Relativity, put forward by Einstein, says that no object can move faster than the speed of light.

In support of their arguments, Flat-Earth often refer to the air plane travels: they say the planes are travelling horizontally without compensating for the curvature of the Earth - 8 inch for every square mile; some Flat-Earthers have even been on planes while holding a spirit level in their lap, only to observe the positioning of the latter at zero mark; in addition, some have taken troubles to checkwhether the Earth's curvature got in the way in measuring long distances using laser.

Flat-Earther are not short of those who do their math in support of their views. In the followinginteractive model, they amply explain the nitty-gritty of the theory: the Sun orbits above the Earth at a relatively low height; the ice wall can be seen at the edge with the Arctic at the centre.

The model is fully interactive; if you want, just move the components with your mouse and you will see corresponding changes.

Flat-Earthers do not believe in gravity either. They think it is a hoax. They dismiss the photos of the spherical shape of the blue planet, taken by NASA missions, as something 'photoshoped', despite the fact that the software in question had not been invented at that time.

In addition, they do not believe photographs that show the curvy nature of the Earth; they say it was a distortion due to the combination of the curvature of camera lens, eye lens and the retina of the


The ability shown by Flat-Earthers to attract a few celebrities has made the science establishment somewhat jittery. They include musicians, rappers, well-known basketball players and cricketers.

Last year, Andrew Flintoff, the former English cricketer, famously declared on Twitter that he had become a member of the 'gang'. Much to the relief of the scientists, Mr Flintoff did not back up his belief by saying he never saw the ball following the curvature of the Earth when he hit 4s across the cricket field, perhaps, sensing that the claim may be dismissed on the grounds of distance being too short.

If the Flat-Earthers, attract a notable celebrity like Kim Kardashian, things could change dramatically overnight for the movement. The arrival of a celebrity of Kim's calibre is not the same as that of retired basketball players or cricketers.

If that happens, there will be millions who don't have the patience to wait in order see the world beyond the edge - before the ice wall vanishes in to the unknown.

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Publication:Asian Tribune (India)
Date:Jan 27, 2019
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