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Super Absorbent Company Puts Down Deeper Roots under New Leadership.

IRVINE, Calif. -- Phillip Berlin and Mark Sinkinson Vow to Support Growers from Planting to Market with an Array of Eco-Friendly Soil Inputs That Increase Crops, Using Less Water

Phillip Berlin, CEO, and Mark Sinkinson, president, have set a new course for the Super Absorbent Company (, manufacturer and marketer of growth enhancement soil input products under the Super-Hydro-Grow(TM) and MagnaVerno(TM) brands. Prompted by the business potential, as well as the worldwide implications, Berlin and Sinkinson have galvanized company efforts to further develop starch-based superabsorbents to boost growers' yield and profitability while preserving precious resources.

"Growers have always endured the vagaries of weather, especially the devastating effects of extended drought and scorching temperatures," states Berlin. "Our proprietary and unique blends of microbials and starch-based superabsorbents can absorb up to 200 times their weight in water, slowly releasing that moisture in the root zone to improve plant hydration and achieve instant fertility. This allows crops and plants to fully and consistently access sources of water not normally available. The results are a significant increase in crop yield, a considerable reduction in irrigation, and a substantial rise in profits."

Berlin, who currently sits on the board of Hydro Enterprises, Inc., a water purification treatment system, and Sinkinson, co-founder and former board member at Hydro Enterprises, recognize the worldwide implications of enabling growers to produce high-quantity yields with less irrigation and no environmental risks.

"We've taken 20-year-old proven technology and made it better," asserts Berlin. "This enhanced technology is the foundation of our family of products, with Super Absorbent Company producing an optimized system of soil inputs that are biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe. Our soil inputs not only cut irrigation needs and costs dramatically, but also reduce waste-water runoff. We expect that our products will be distributed, used and accepted as a standard in farm management throughout the world."

After working closely with the experts at the company for the past three years, Sinkinson has also developed a deep appreciation for the wide range of potential applications for the Super Absorbent Company (SAC) product line.

"We are a company of innovative problem solvers that recognizes the importance of exploring ecologically sound advancements to feed the world," adds Sinkinson, who is also the chairman of the board of SAC. "Although we are focusing our initial efforts on the agricultural and horticultural markets, we are also actively developing intellectual property and applying for patents for a variety of eco-friendly products that are expected to transition Super Absorbent Company to other market segments, including the medical field and the consumer marketplace," concludes Sinkinson.

About Super Absorbent Company

Super Absorbent Company (SAC), with more than 20 years of production experience, is the nation's oldest and leading manufacturer of biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe starch-based superabsorbents. Its proprietary microbial blend, soil input product is marketed as MagnaVerno(TM), which, in addition to water savings, provides growers with greater germination and crop yields while reducing the use of fertilizers and other chemicals that are both costly and end up in our water tables. With facilities in North Carolina, SAC serves domestic and worldwide agricultural and horticultural markets as the gold standard in farm management. SAC is developing new patents to allow for expansion into other market niches that include consumer products and healthcare, with a focus upon proprietary ventures that introduce imaginative, safe, and effective new solutions for the global marketplace. Contact for business development inquiries; for investor relations; or call 877.443.8800.
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Publication:Business Wire
Date:Jun 5, 2006
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