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Articles from Sunset (August 1, 2002)

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A beach of one's own: at these Bay Area beaches, you'll have the ocean to yourself. Taggart, Lisa 364
A cool summer place. (Garden). Tatroe, Marcia 191
A little water music: how to add the magic of falling water to your garden. McCausland, Jim 1912
A village unto itself: in the heart of San Francisco, Cole Valley has its own small-town vibe. (Travel: Northern California Day Trip). Taggart, Lisa 403
Afternoon showers predicted. (Garden: Northern California Guide). Cohoon, Sharon 150
At home with nature: an active family builds an indoor-outdoor playground in Oregon. (How the West is Living). Whiteley, Peter O. 553
Backyard bocce: it's a snap to learn and doesn't take a lot of space. (Home: Guide). Bowling, Mary Jo 189
Beating the odds in Las Vegas: with a little planning, you can live large on a small bankroll in Sin City. (Travel: Value Vacation). Taggart, Lisa 1815
Best historic homes. (The Sunset Strip). Peterson, Abigail 182
Best of show. (Innovators). 281
Build a trellis table: it's a do-it-all outdoor living center. (Home: Project). Whiteley, Peter O. 1093
Busy butterballs. (Natural Event). Lukas, David 110
California's forgotten waterway: Humboldt Bay is a natural waterfront playground. (Travel: Recreation). Finnegan, Lora J. 1224
Carport poolhouse. (Home: Guide). Bowling, Mary Jo 101
Charmed. (Project). Peters, Jil 168
Chicken piri-piri: put a popular Portuguese dish on the grill for a simple meal. (Food). Schneider, Sara 689
Colorado's Pearl. (Shopping). Boone, James 322
Cool comfort: shake, blend, and pour your way to soda-fountain contentment. Ferreira, Charity 311
Cruise West Marin. (Tips & Trips). Carber, Kris; Marks, Ben; Santiago, Chiori 127
David Austin roses. (Arrangement). Chezar, Ariella 138
Downieville's new boom: mountain bikes and hiking boots have replaced picks and pans in this Gold Country town. (Travel). Taggart, Lisa 706
Dream time: create an outdoor sleeping platform to take advantage of balmy summer nights. (Home). Bowling, Mary Jo 241
Ernie's place. (Western Wanderings). Fish, Peter 676
Events. 142
Fiesta stacks: put savory seafood fillings between tortillas for layers of fun. (Food). Schneider, Sara 854
Floating flowers. (Garden: Guide). Baldwin, Debra Lee 238
Four corners, four kinds of outdoor living: a Los Angeles garden offers places to be together and apart. Whiteley, Peter O. 320
Garden gems: Cape bulbs look exotic but grow like natives in our climate. Cohoon, Sharon 787
Get trashy. (Tips & Trips). Carber, Kris; Marks, Ben; Santiago, Chiori 133
Hawaii: taste the good life with Healthy Choice[R]. (Special Advertising Supplement). 1710
Hike Bucks. (Tips & Trips). Carber, Kris; Marks, Ben; Santiago, Chiori 116
Hot cheese: holloumi, a firm cheese from Cyprus, makes a great quick meal. (Food: Guide). Washington, Kate 494
Islands of delight: a visit to Washington's San Juan Islands just might change your life. Cheek, Lawrence 2939
Lessons from the trail. (Secret). Washington, Kate 171
Native roots. (Wine Guide). Di Vecchio, Jerry Anne 96
Open House: letters from our readers. 396
Peanuts and pharaohs. (Museums). Taggart, Lisa; Santiago, Chiori 126
Peas as sweet as sugar. (Garden). McCausland, Jim 475
Pedaling through moonshine. (Recreation). Manley, Hariott 150
Place mats that rock. (Tabletop Idea). Bowling, Mary Jo 101
Sculpture garden. (Sonoma County). Swezey, Lauren Bonar 178
Sea of greens: seafood salads make refreshing meals for sizzling summer days. Anusasananan, Linda Lau 1757
Second nature. (Craft). Bowling, Mary Jo 86
Seeing clearly: an open design and a fresh, cool palette brighten this home. (Home). Peters, Jil 543
Something to read while you wait for the paint to dry. 504
Sparking personality. (Wine). MacNeil-Fife, Karen 167
Spice up summer meals: readers' recipes tested in Sunset's kitchens. (Food: Kitchen Cabinet). Ferreira, Charity 1352
Sunset wants heroes. (Travel). 251
Super cool: take the heat off with light, flavorful cold soups. (Food: Low-Fat). Washington, Kate 844
Surf snack. (Recipe). Washington, Kate 269
Surviving the centuries: discover New Mexico's Spanish colonial art in timeless high road villages, historic, churches, galleries, and a vibrant new museum. (Travel). Jaffe, Matthew 1289
Swedish sand. (Food: Adventures in Cooking). Di Vecchio, Jerry Anne 713
The cooling-off issue. (From the Editor). Tamony, Katie 311
The lightest of them all. (Wine Guide). MacNeil-Fife, Karen 435
Trickle fountain: water drips down plant-topped columns into a dreamy pond. (Garden). McCausland, Jim 303
Under control: automatic watering is easy with an inexpensive battery-operated timer. (Garden). Swezey, Lauren Bonar 461
Welcome to our cabin: this inviting getaway was quickly built from a kit. It showcases new materials and techniques. Whiteley, Peter O. 838
What to do in your garden in August. (Checklist: Northern California). 493
Wild berry scoop. (Ingredient). Washington, Kate 172

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