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Articles from Sunset (November 1, 1985)

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After a "taste test." koalas make themselves at home in San Francisco. 678
All-out remodel of a 1946 cottage. 334
Bake-and-cut lemon bars. 236
Biking up Mount Tam on the old railroad grade; a steady but scenic 4-mile climb, with no automobiles. 633
Broiled avocado salad. 167
Caramel apple cake. 191
Catfish are coming. 1530
Clear-day bottomfishing around San Francisco Bay. 230
Controversial Lake Sonoma is filling up and ready for fishing, boating, hiking. 353
Cradle holds bide in back of a pickup. 178
Decks and mounds make all the difference. 186
Ex-garages as family rooms, bedrooms. 284
Exploring ancient Mexico. 2541
Eyes on the skies above California, Colorado, Nevada. 408
Face-to-face with science in Salt Lake City. 284
Family pop-ups. 412
Fresh-from-the-grower citrus in the Central Valley. 1085
From your barbecue ... smoked birds, big or small, to serve hot or cold. 890
Getting started with sky-watching; in time for Halley's comet ... what you need, where to learn more about astronomy. 1758
Go-with-anything Colombian salsa. 214
He submits potato soup to a baptism of fire by jalapeno chilies. 1658
Holiday punch. 190
How and where to mail-order garden tools. Directory 506
How is Amtrak faring after its close call? 838
How to roast the perfect turkey. 1175
India comes to California and the Northwest. 668
Instead of a hedge, a metal fence and trellis for vines. 210
Island counter with elbow room for three generations. 182
Kangaroo paw for arrangements. 207
Lightweight lattice doors mask the carport. 137
Mayan treasures in Oakland. 269
Muslin screens divide the rooms. 132
Nacho popcorn ... or tomato, Indian, and other flavors you won't find at the Bijou. 546
No longer a matched pair of 1909 houses. 185
November menus: two simmering, little-attention suppers for busy fall days. A breakfast built around fresh, firm-ripe pears. 1596
Now it's easier to find the Ojai artists. 484
Old Dumbarton takes you out to where fish are. 287
Orange-herb chicken. 187
Over peak and range on the East Bay's Ohlone Wilderness Trail. 324
Overnight refrigerator waffles with Dutch honey. 206
Peanut butter vegetable soup. 174
Pickles to French paintings in Japan's all-under-one-roof department stores. 316
Plant pedestals ... easy to make from tubing or plywood. 339
Plant them, then forget them ... they are crinums. 310
Poached or fried eggs with bold sauce. 433
Putting bulbs at center stage in pots. 797
Quick yellow carpet-makers: moneywort, goldmoss sedum. 258
Red and white wine aperitifs. 246
Roll it, fold it, twist it ... fila dough. 1575
Salk Lake City's new Genealogical Library. 216
Shades drop out of hiding in molding. 164
Shoji slides up out of sight. 159
Shopping for exotic food at Oakland's Housewives Market. 189
Shove the bed away from the wall and let the headboard go to work. 488
Six of the West's most-used shrubs ... in compact editions. 881
Ski touring clinics at Purgatory, Colorado. 183
Snug canvas cover for the sandbox. 102
Splitting the door to save space. 116
Stereo and dishes in the buffet. 98
Stuffings and gravy to accompany your "perfect turkey." (recipes) 1095
Sturdy shelves with hidden mounting. 148
Surprises with vegetables, hot or frosty. 1308
Sweet and tart chutney dressing for two salads. 638
Tall orders for a small beach house: recapture the view, enlarge, update. 312
The compound idea. 595
The counter lifts up into a drawing board. 123
The crust is oatmeal cooky. The filling is your choice. 718
The easy-to-live-with liriopes. 729
The friendly and graceful hemlock, and is many variations. 372
The joys of desert camping. Directory 2097
The touch of genius - a dash of da Vinci in San Francisco. 299
They cut a niche for the TV. 104
They knocked down walls, opened the ceiling, pushed out into the garden. 135
Tissue culture? It's a newly popular and easy way to multiply plants. 458
Tools that are revolutionizing gardening. Or are they? 1399
Two ways to go with open-plan house of the 1950s. 532
Vegetable sorbets, grilled vegetable ... anytime-of-year ideas. 1706
Wall of glass added a bright entry and sitting area. 193
Warm, glazed nuts from the microwave. 236
What to bring back from foreign travel. 862
What will chrysanthemums think of next? 970
When house plants get salt burn. 260
When should you hire a building inspector? 578
White chocolate, fruit, nuts, and more in a terrine to slice. 367
Winning game plans for a really big party. 1516
Yoga classes and retreats. 798

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