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Articles from Sunset (March 1, 1985)

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48-foot-long trellis over the entry and carport. 174
A comeback for Hayward's red barn. 298
A squishy hike up Oakland's Dimond Canyon. 233
A very civilized Scottish tea. 920
Adventure holidays, 1985. Book Review 99
Adventure travel. Book Review 88
Alcove made for a Franklin stove. 110
All that's left of a 1913 shipwreck. 352
Anytime tarts. 602
Apple and vegetable salad. 172
Avocado adventures. 1853
Bagels as crispy crackers ... or as French toast. 407
Benderboard bench in a horseshoe. 124
Blame it on the road. 1090
Bosnian stew. 179
Built-in storage above and beside these beds. 99
Colorful cosmos, dwarf to giant. 259
Come visit us at Sunset's "laboratory of western living." 1123
Everything needed for a party is within reach ... right in the dining room. 229
Fresh in off the prairie, it's lisianthus. 694
From dinky lawn to alpine meadow. 373
Geometric view for their new bedroom. 123
Glider-watching over the peninsula's Windy Hill preserve. 218
Going upwards with gambrel roofs. 141
He carved out office space in the attic. 149
His mailboxes are two-way. 99
Hole in the wall opens up the hall. 123
If a Nepal trekker had a microwave. 1104
In New Orleans, a look at swamp life on the Mississippi. 285
In Spain's northwest corner, cool and ancient Galicia. 1051
Kentucky quilts come to Fresno. 177
Kitchen remodeler's question: which counter surface? 509
Kolache. 208
Leather to plastic, skiing history. 201
Leg-stretchers for the season's first hike. 1727
March menus: a hurry-up brioche brunch, a curry without mystery, mushroom soup for a light supper. 1435
Master bedroom suite started from a one-car garage. 203
Metal or bamboo? And other questions to ask about rakes. 567
Mexican chili sauce. 183
New free tours of Fort Mason Center. 111
Oatmeal and berry cooky tart. 217
On the desert or in your dining room, an Arizona barbecue for 6 to 16. 1910
Pasta-making may tangle you up at first. But you'll soon get the hang of it. 1280
Pastry rafts or standing tall ... three ways to enjoy asparagus. 777
Polenta triangles and creamy potatoes ... they are dinner "go-withs." (recipes) 449
Right over the concrete, a curvey new deck. 157
Robot rendezvous. 828
Saint Pat's Day flings in the Bay Area. 248
Salads, rice and beans ... all with a Southwest touch. 716
Seed time for a hot pepper summer. 498
Sesame-ginger steamed mussels. 176
Shattery and crip, they are fried fresh leaves. 1017
Six ways to silence squeaky stairs. 151
Ski touring, elk-watching near Colorado's Steamboat Springs. 191
Sleeping under the trees ... with a bedroom skylight. 533
Snowboarding only looks impossible. Directory 870
Speedy shellfish ... scallops, shrimp, and oysters in a microwave. 820
Starting with wine-simmered turkey. 1360
Sunset home repair handbook. Book Review 168
The adventure book. Book Review 122
The adventure vacation catalog. Book Review 124
The adventurous traveler's guide to treks, outings and expeditions. Book Review 94
The best eggplants? Pick them young. 255
The most pungent horseradish? Grow your own. It's easy. 354
The new rowing shells ... stronger, more stable, easier to learn with. 994
There's buried treasure in this Mediterranean bread ... green and black olives. 656
These are add-on soups from Vietnam. 1118
They started with a dark 1925 kitchen. 297
Tough luck, dog, no more upstairs. 173
Touring La Jolla's masterpiece. 258
Touring Salt Lake City's historic Marmalade district. 230
Travel questions? Ask the computer. 260
Up from Cabo San Lucas, almost 50 newly paved miles. 1121
Walking Humboldt Bay's dunes. 172
We borrow a sauce secret from Mexico: chocolate. 392
What to do when the doorbell won't ring. 249
When your avocado tree runs into trouble. 880
Why prune camellias? For more flowers, for a better shape. 456
Wine storage in dining room wall. 187

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