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Sunquest uses fax response to build sales.

Sunquest Vacations Ltd., a travel wholesaler located in Toronto, markets chartered vacation packages through more than 2,000 travel agencies thoughout upstate New York and Canada.

Ideally, Sunquest would like to sell every seat on every charter. However, there are always last-minute spaces available--knten in the industry as selloffs. To market these, Sunquest faxes selloff sheets to travel agencies on a regular basis.

Receiving as many as nine pages of selloff sheets per day is no problem for larger travel agencies, but many of Sunquest's customers are smaller agencies who object o the frequent deluge of faxes. They prefer, instead, to call Sunquest's sales department, and place requests for specific selloff sheets whenever they need them.

Processing these routine requests requires valuable Sunquest sales staff time handling the call, the expense as the caller waits in queue on Sunquest's toll-free lines, and the labor to manually fax documents, one by one, to the requesting travel agents.

Fax Access, a VMTX Template Work-solutions application, was implemented to allow travel agents to request selloff information by fax whenevery they want it, wouth going through Sunquest's sales staff.

"Twenty to 30 agents a day were calling our salespeople and asking them to fax selloff pages," says Paul Larcher, Sunquest's manager of sales planning. "That meant taking a salesperson off the phone, going over and manually dialing a number and faxing it to them."

Fax Access can save time and sales. During busy periods of the day, an hour or more might elapse before a salesperson has time to fax a requested selloff sheet to an agent. The agent might call back in the interim to check on the fax, adding to an already heavy call volume. In the worst case, the agent might not want to wait for the information, and may book through another firm. At $700 per average selloff, it doesn't take many missed sales to justify the Fax Access solution.

Fax Access allows travel agents to "serve themselves" at their convenience, whenevery the want information. Because the system is totally automated, agents can request informtion at any time, 24 hours a day -- there's no waiting for a salesperson to send it. Sunquest staff can concengrate on selling instead of faxing documents, and toll-free lines are utilized more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Fax Access has also greatly expanded office hours. When Sunquest closes at 5:30 p.m., it's still only 2:30 p.m. in Vancouver, British Columbia. Agencies across Canada can now access selloff informtion when ever they are open.

Travel agents who call the Sunquest hot-line number are offered three options: press 1 to order brochures and flyers, press 2 to request selloff flyers by return fax, or press 3 to listen to selloff information.

After pressing 2, agents can select from a menu ofd nine flyers including such destination as Las Vegas, Florida, the Caribbean, Mesico and cruise specials. After selecting the sepcific selloff sheet, caller enter their fax number, which is verified by the system, and hang up. Fax Access transmits the requested flyer, or flyers, within moments.
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Title Annotation:Sunquest Vacations Ltd
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Date:Apr 1, 1994
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