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Sunny addition replaces dark breezeway.

Transforming a breezeway into usable, practical space gave Helen and Tony Norman of Riverside, California, the chance to add on a home office they'd long wanted. (Their small lot had kept them from building out to get it.) Thinking of bridging their breezeway with the new office, they called in architect Sigrid Miller-Pollin to help with the plan.

Miller-Pollin suggested that the Normans

replace the breezeway with a sunny twostory structure. Though a less ambitious second-story room would have saved the Normans about $12,000, they opted for the two-story space shown here (total cost was $37,000). In addition to a roomy office, the new structure also gave them a reading nook, new access to the pool area, and a more -private and protected connection between house and garage.

The addition stands in the 30 degrees bend between the house and garage. Most of the glass faces east, making the addition a cheery place to spend the morning.
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Date:Sep 1, 1988
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