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Sunlight and a view for the bathroom.

Removing the wall that divided two small, dark compartments forming an upstairs bath helped create a light, airy space in this hillside house.

Pushing out a side wall made a triangular area to accommodate a large new bathtub, positioned to capture a desired view. There's no shower curtain; to catch splashed shower water, the floor slants slightly toward a drain near the tub.

At the head of the tub, double-paned tempered glass windows provide light and views; the top window opens to vent moisture. Surrounding the mirror above the sink, a horseshoe-shaped window of textured glass lets in more light but shields the room from the neighbors.

Between the vanity and tub, a 51-inch-high, 42-inch-wide partition replaced the former wall. Its top section is a 7-inch-deep light box containing a 3-foot fluorescent fixture. The light rests on an acrylic sheet platform raised an inch above the tile covering the top of the partition.

On the tub side of the box, there's a sheet of clear acrylic that doesn't quite meet the tile, leaving a small space. This allows condensation inside the box to drain out to the tub. On the vanity side, wood veneer covers a line of tiles and frames a panel of tinted acrylic.

Architect Pter Golze of Metamorphosis

Architecture and Construction in Berkeley designed the remodel for Marcie and Roger Radius of Oakland, California.
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Date:Mar 1, 1986
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