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Sunken living room - sounds great.


"Boy, have I got a house for you,' the realtor said, thumbing through the Homes book. "This Mrs. Clean with Earth Tones throughout has Curb Appeal plus. It's definitely not a Drive-by.'

Since my confused start into house hunting, I have become knowledgeable on realtor's lingo and translating the descriptions in the Homes book. Let me put it this way--we have had our realtor so long that we have had to put her on retainer. I have seen her entire wardrobe for every season of the year, and my kids now call her "aunt.'

On the day the doorknob on a Cream Puff home fell off in my hand, I decided realtor terms needed to be defined and translated for the whole world. So, to help you in any house hunting, I have composed a list of these terms and their translations.

Near transportation--It's on the glide path.


Must see to appreciate--Inside of the house is nice, but it looks like the house from Psycho outside.

Doll house--It's only big enough for Ken and Barbie.

Builder's own house--The first house he ever built--his practice house, which he is living in temporarily until his real house is built.

Prestigious address--The house is nothing, but it's in a good part of town.

Won't last long--First puff of wind will knock it over.

Convenient to school--The school band marches in back of the house.

Handyman's special--Ten kids proficient at terrorist tactics lived there, and the house needs complete restoration.

Wooded lot--Two trees, at least five feet tall.

Heavily wooded lot--Three trees, one of which is good-sized.

Owner motivated--Wants to unload his Amityville horror.

Rustic beauty--Old farmhouse in the country, ten miles from nowhere.

Rustic log--No inside plumbing.

Restored farmhouse--Has indoor plumbing.

Country atmosphere--Downwind from the barns.

Old World charm--An old heat gobbler in the city.

Stately Victorian--Former funeral home.

Mint condition--They didn't have any kids.

One of a kind--It was so ugly, the neighbors wouldn't let them build another one.

On the water--Has a basement full of water.

Owner anxious--The termites are on the march.

Nature lover's delight--Many skunks in the area.

Decorated by the lady of the house--Everything is either pink or yellow.

Overlooks golf course--Picture window is broken frequently.

Decorated in earth tones--The mudslide marks are still on the walls.

Quiet location--Next to a cemetery.

Sunken living room--Not originally sunken--a recent event.

Exclusive area--Near the stockyards.

Wooded privacy--In mudslide area.

Country charm--Near Three Mile Island.

Wooded retreat--Near wastetreatment plant.

Victorian beauty--Just vacated by a madam, and next to a motorcycle gang's hideout.

Water lover's special--In the flood plain.

Handyman's special--Near the dump.
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Title Annotation:satire
Author:Jehn, Judy
Publication:Saturday Evening Post
Date:May 1, 1985
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