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Sundown: Egypt's Tantawi Addresses Unrest.

* In the face of massive protests, Field Marshal Tantawi, Egypt's de facto ruler, pledged presidential elections by July 2012 and even hinted he would entertain a referendum on the current leadership sooner. [Haaretz]

* Obama's national security adviser said that the fall of Syria's Bashar Assad would also represent a strike against the Iranian regime. [Haaretz]

* A Democratic primary outside Chicago between two Jews is being seen as a broader bellwether. [JTA]

* A founder and former board member of J Street had nice things to say about the kind young men from Hamas she recently met in Gaza. (In response, J Street noted that the woman did not speak for it and that Hamas is "reprehensible." [Washington Jewish Week]

* The Nation calls New York "the greatest Jewish city in the world." In 1923. [The Nation/Habitus]

* Shuster and Siegel created Superman; Alvin Schwartz created Bizarro. He died last month at 95. [JTA]

The Woody Allen documentary lat weekend the Muppets movie this weekend

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Author:Tracy, Marc
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Date:Nov 22, 2011
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