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Sundown: Brothers Lash Out at Egypt's Leaders.

* Khairat el-Shater, the Muslim Brotherhood's recently disqualified presidential candidate, accused Egypt's military leadership of being unwilling to cede real power. [WP]

* Israel's Masorti movement (their version of Conservative Judaism) will ordain gays and lesbians as rabbis. [JTA]

* U.S. anti-Semitism envoy Hannah Rosenthal is meeting the anti-Semitic mayor of Malmo, Sweden, on his home turf. For more, read our story. [JTA/Forward]

* The Times' Disunion blog, about the Civil War, does its Judah Benjamin capsule. [NYT Opinionator]

* Such an awesome article about how the NFL schedule gets made. Guy in charge is named Katz. [NYT]

* Rep. Eric Cantor did or didn't admit that there is some anti-Jewish bias among the Republican House caucus, depending on whom you ask. I think the tape shows weird ambiguity that nonetheless isn't enough to actually say he was saying that thing. Boy this election season's gonna be fun. [ThinkProgress/Commentary Contentions]

Farewell, Levon.

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Date:Apr 19, 2012
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