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Sundial promotes softer; fuller beards.

NEW YORK -- All one has to do to know the beard trend is still in full swing is look around at all the men sporting facial hair. But while it might seem growing a beard just requires not shaving, to do so fashionably takes a little more effort. Just as the hair on the scalp requires maintenance, so does the hair on the face.

One of the most important grooming habits necessary for maintaining a beard, especially a fuller one, is keeping it soft, because most men will give up and shave off a beard that has become scratchy and irritating. So a good conditioner will keep the beard not only feeling soft but healthy as well. But along with conditioners, which can help with styling too, beard oils have become essential for keeping beards healthy.

Earlier this year, Sundial Brands launched the Shea-Moisture Men Beard Care Collection --a line of four men's grooming products formulated with certified organic shea butter and maracuja oil--to help men keep their beards looking sharp.

The collection features Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Face & Beard Wash, which deeply cleanses beards of dirt, flakes and odors; the Full Beard Detangler conditions and softens thick, coarse facial hair; Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Conditioning Oil absorbs quickly to soften and condition full beards; and the brand's Beard Balm shapes, smooths and defines facial hair for a well-groomed beard.

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Date:Nov 6, 2017
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