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Sunday morning special: Solar eclipse.

On Sunday in the eastern United States, the sun will rise with a large bite taken out of it by the moon -- a partial eclipse at dawn.

Early risers as far west as Pittsburgh and Atlanta -- at least those with an unobstructed view of the eastern horizon -- can observe the rare crescent sunrise. The view will be more impressive for those farther east.

"They will see, near the East Coast, 60 percent of the sun covered by the moon,'' said Dr. Jay M. Pasachoff, a professor of astronomy at Williams College in Massachusetts. When the eclipse ends 45 minutes later, the sun will still be barely above the horizon.

The usual warnings about solar eclipses apply. Do not look directly at the sun without special filters that block ultraviolet light. Otherwise use a pinhole to project the image onto a sheet a paper. Sunglasses are not a safe way to watch a partial eclipse.

Solar eclipses occur because of an astronomical coincidence: As viewed from Earth, the moon looks almost the same size as the sun.
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Date:Nov 2, 2013
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