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Sunday TV: FILM REVIEW; Having another stab; Scream 3 Ch4, 10.00pm.

TAKING a third stab at the famous horror franchise, Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette are back as the slasher survivors.

Wes Craven's final wrap on the Scream series, where every horror movie cliche is lovingly parodied and even the characters know what not to do - then do it anyway - is as satisfying as the first two.

And it even has the clever addition of a film within a film, a device he used in Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

Making no real attempt to introduce originality, the plot picks up where the last two left off.

In Hollywood, Stab 3 is under production, loosely based on the events of the first two Scream films and Jennifer Jolie (Parker Posey) is cast as journalist Gale Weathers (Cox).

Also on set are Dwight Riley (Arquette), now a security guard but still in love with Gale, Scott Foley as the director, Dean Richmond as a smartass who knows all the conventions of horror movies and Liev Schreiber as a talk show host. But missing is Sid Prescott (Campbell), who's gone into hiding.

But, when the murders start again and pictures of her mother are the only clues left, she realises it's her duty to come to the set and act as bait for the killer who wants to make sure the film ends as they want.

With cameos from Carrie Fisher, Roger Corman and Kevin Smith, this is Hollywood enjoying itself in a slightly incestuous way but without detracting from the edge-of-seat tension of the original.

Amid all the gore, however, there's plenty of bitching, snogging and deal-making among the film's cast and crew.

And though there's the usual daftness - Sidney is still living alone in that big, remote house even though there's yet another nut-job on the loose - this final film provides a fitting end to a clever trilogy.

Perfect post-pub viewing for the teen generation (2000)

Solo run for Tom

Cast Away Premier, 11.30pm - 1.55am

TOM HANKS is impressive as the ordinary Joe who faces extraordinary challenges when he is trapped on a desert island.

At the start of the film he's the top-notch Fed-Ex manager seen sorting out the operational problems at the Moscow branch.

Home in Memphis, he barely gets to spend time with long-suffering fiance Helen Hunt before leaving to go on his next mission.

What happens next is the famous plane crash scene, a truly terrifying sequence that leaves him washed up on a remote Pacific island with a few packages.

There are just enough natural resources - fish, fruit, berries - for him to live on and after long frustrating days he gets the hang of making a fire, thinking he's bound to be rescued at some point.

But years pass and the latter-day Robinson Crusoe, now a shadow of his former self, at last seizes his chance to escape, only to find the world has moved on.

Hanks carries the film with energy and believability, his only dialogue spoken to the ball that becomes his best friend.


The Grapes Of Wrath

Details above

JOHN STEINBECK's dramatic masterpiece brilliantly filmed by director John Ford. Henry Fonda's Tom Joad takes his family to California, the promised land, from the drought-ridden Oklahoma of the '30s only to find disillusionment and despair. Time has not dimmed its power (1940)


MovieMax, 2.55pm - 4.30pm

A SMALL Californian town is spared the worst in a nuclear blast by its position in a mountain valley. But gradually family life unravels as radiation sickness takes a hold. An unusually restrained, deeply distressing dramatisation of an emotionally-charged subject, beautifully performed by an exemplary cast: Jane Alexander, William Devane and Lukas Haas (1983)

How Green Was My Valley

Cinema, 3.40pm - 5.45pm

JOHN FORD's moving adaptation of the much-loved story by Richard Llewellyn, detailing the decline of a mining village. The compositions are deliberately heroic and poetic (1941)
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