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Articles from Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England) (March 22, 1998)

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Title Author Type Words
'Hidden peril' in race to build inner-city homes. 180
'Sun King' eclipses stars. 950
[3] Showbuzz. 103
[4] Showbuzz. 93
[5] Showbuzz. 105
[6] Showbuzz. 99
A lesson in revision. Hazledine, Tim 734
A permanent address for perverts. 187
A plantsman's paradise! 338
A slow boat from China for Brum's new pagoda. 455
Accident mars safety work on road. 114
Adam's career and gear changes. Law, Matthew 293
Airtours drops four hotels in the Dominican Republic. 190
Albert's sail of the century. 420
Albion Cup hero planning a Wales of a time; The Mercury's Bill Howell talks to an Albion legend charged with bringi ng Wales out of the international wilderness. Howell, Bill 1053
Albion hosts. 227
Althorp boss rap over Di grave visit ban hint. 139
Annie's legacy of inspiration. 336
B&S sink 14-man Kendal; B'ham/Solihull 17 Kendal 10. 329
Bakers cook up night of sheer Decadence. 191
Barnes stormer fires Swifts. 336
Bass lines up model career. 494
Battle to alert men to killer. 564
Beaufort's Regency replicas. 122
Ben boosts Bedford; Bedford 31 Sale 20. 125
Beware the 'free calut' repairmen. 213
Big screen girl. 394
Bike `nut' Susie gears up for her dream job. 184
Black mark for schools that pollute. 228
Blitz operation on NHS thugs. 296
Blues lost in Forest as Van picks up pair; Blues 1 Forest 2. 751
Blunkett blast for 'fououthed' play tour. 237
Bonser still to play major role. 198
Booming Brunswick. 130
Broad Street aim to brew up cup repeat; Round-up. 331
Brown fixes Euro price cartels into his sights. 326
Businessman vanishes leaving trail of debts. 346
Campbell's final glory. Wakelam, Mike 88
Canal work with a difference. 95
Car boss takes to the sea. 351
Caribbean by-word for holiday hell. 338
Coarse cartoon draws on satire. 512
Cobblers getting closer; Brentford 0 Northampton 0. 95
Cons moved. 197
Cool Richie plans caning for Sugar Boy. Marshall, Robin; Hill, Graham 657
Crewe hit the Valley buffers; Crewe 0 Charlton 3. 233
Darren's down in the dumps. 353
Despair of having no-one to turn to. 429
Did you know... 96
Dino's off for now. 340
Dishy John's concern. 132
Duo aim to get Bullets title push back on track. Taylor, Richard 411
Duo caught after school. 158
Ellis stops Oxford push; Bury 1 Oxford 0. 339
England snub provided the spur for Cusworth. 562
Exorcism. 198
Exorcist in high spirits. 814
Expanded GP worry for clubs; Speedway. 165
Fair game with fixture pile-up? 609
Fanolua mauls Tigers; Leicester 15 Gloucester 53. 253
Fans face a walkabout for TV matches. 300
Farmer Jonty turns to drink. 398
Fish Tamed as river makes comeback. James, Barry 372
Flask fears spark new nuke alert on railways. 424
Fonda's got the world at his Pete. 323
Football fans clash in bloody street battles. 287
Former captains write off World Cup hopes. 133
Fourth single that won't be here now. 120
Game of risk for action man Jean; VIDEOSCENE. 405
Gas firm in new storm over hard-sell tactics. 383
Get into the swim to burn off calories. 196
Gossips have got it wrong. 164
Gregory's pearl told to tread careful-Lee. 439
Grim tale of Monaco death and scandal; BOOK REVIEWS. 506
Harborne battle to take title. Russell, Ken 179
Have the last daff. 369
High life on the ocean wave. 515
High-tech blitz to ward off the baby snatchers. 419
his Marks - and signs are good. 586
How clean ears can be bad for your health. 172
How the cost of a car crash can be highway robbery. 387
I'm suffering grief of his death alone. 225
In-store video captures jacket snatch which took four seconds. 258
Irish eyes smiling again for sparkling O'Sullivan; Athletics. 171
It's a Linea progression. 448
It's misery for Miller as sad Baggies are foyle-d!; Albion 2 Port Vale 2. 758
Jailed friend has been deserted by his family. 134
Jan must be sure before Board-ing. Sorensen, TAKEOVER BID Walsall Manager Jan 326
Jealous of my wife's success in her career. 337
Jenkins crushes Irish dreams; Ireland 21 Wales 30. 356
Jim should altar his rock lifestyle. 240
John Taylor. 441
John's designs on new life for miserable ward; The hospital wards were always really depressing. I remember thinking ' surely something could be done?' and then I got this chance. 658
Johnston's stunner saves Perez blushes; Sunderland 2 Portsmouth 1. 292
Kamara ends that 11-game nightmare; Stoke 2 QPR 1. 326
Kathleen's all woman. 190
Kidnappers grab mother and toddler. 233
Killer to die. 208
Labour's warm welcome for freeloaders. 186
Legacy of hope from town's bomb tragedy. 148
Life at Fulham is shop class - Pesch. 612
Logging on for used cars. 200
Macc lads sink sad Shrews; Macclesfield 2 Shrewsbury 1. 331
Make it rice 'n' easy; Risotto of courgette and red pepper. 448
Maria's naked, sacred and solo. 632
Married lover has destroyed my trust. 286
Midland giants urged to back England cause. 588
Mum-to-be dies as rally car crashes. 102
Musketeers can't mask disappointing DiCaprio. 606
Naive charm of Buddy raves on; THEATRE REVIEW. 701
New Jersey drummer gets a taste of high life. 240
No deals - unless price is right. 250
Not getting a share deal. 646
Oar-some Kate's a lifesaver for boat charity. 159
Our dream holiday was ruined by flight horror. 540
Outlook is much brighter for Brum's cancer patients. 259
Peron stunner priceless for joyful Saddlers; Walsall 1 Wigan 0. 470
Peugeot's small wonder; The Peugeot 106 XRD. 695
Phone call is far too late. 150
Pierce sets phasers on stun-ning; Spiritualized Que Club, Birmingham. 203
Pig brain idea that could save junkies' bacon. 280
Pithie eyes world title shot. 130
Pitmen are no paper tigers. 513
Plug may be pulled on World Cup TV. 160
Police houses making a comeback. 222
Pollock fails to lift City; Manchester City 0 Sheffield Utd 0. 152
Powell shows way as busy Bees stay in touch. 361
Powerless Sarah may be forced to abandon ship. 195
Pressure on for shamed soccer club pair to quit. 167
Probe into 999 call queuing after minute-long tot panic. 227
Prostate fact file:. 411
Prune hard for better results. 146
Pub landlord bitter after hit and run leaves pet plastered. 187
Rangers make it at double; Stafford Rangers ... 3 RC Warwick ... 1. 703
Ravanelli shoots to the top. Richardson, Ted 212
Recycling helps war on drought; If water is used again and again savings of up to 80 per cent are possi ble. 662
Refuse To Lose set for Lincoln glory. 351
Revamp on tap for Brum's summit fountain. 162
Revelation of a closet admirer. 832
Rio reveals her secret phobias. 253
Rivals shop tax cheat businesses. 209
Ronnie Allen factfile. 193
Rriver hero to get honour. 296
Sex attacks: man quizzed. 249
Shock figures in crime study. 140
Shop cops' trivial pursuits; As another youth is caught shoplifting, police officers dedicated to fighting store theft say that this form of crime is anything but petty. 1053
Showbuzz. 97
Skinner bows to Tartan Army. 371
Sky's the limit as bus man Paul takes off. 370
Smokers fired up by frowns. 726
Soccer isn't for softies - Muscat. 673
Stantastic strike was Eur gold. 224
Stewart puts knife in; Reading 0 Huddersfield 2. 108
Subaru rallies round with Terzo. 182
Subs find target to save Moors; Moor Green ... 2 VS Rugby ... 2. 304
Swath of death as tornado strikes. 99
Sweet dreams; Central's Our House presenter Suzi Becker and Perfect Home magazine thi s week look at the most restful room in the house - the bedroom For more DIY hi nts and tips see Perfect Home magazine. pounds 1.70 on sale first week of each month. Becker, Suzi 278
Sweet success with a cool suggestion. 361
Swindon pay penalty after spot-kick blues; Swindon 1 Stockport Co 1. 111
Take the train to gain strain. 934
Tall order for brave Jamie. 613
That's grand as Ron aims for twin success. 157
The Bell tolls. 105
The great Midlands music page - edited by Neil Michael. 585
The mixed-sex wards situation on hospitals across the Midlands. 321
Thoughts of suffocation. 80
Tiresome veg dish is getting pasta joke. 762
Top tips for better investing. 416
Tower block TV plagued by evil spirit. 267
Turkish delight. 418
Upwardly mobile for happy Lichfield; Lichfield 40 Winnington Pk 14. 94
Versatile Eucalyptus is no April fool. 304
Victory in sight for Mitchell; GOLF. Mitchell, Peter 441
Victory over hols shocker. 142
Villa need to plan ahead. 388
Wait-y problem for Lee's ticket to ride. 177
Walks on wild side. 499
Waterman ruled out at Walsall. 212
We can hit play-offs says Trev. 149
Welcome, Mat, to a lonely life; THEATRE REVIEW. 283
Welsh gun for French. 265
When will the misery end?; Health chiefs have even admitted that just 12 months before the deadlin e expires, there are still male and female patients sharing bays. 790
Who's responsible for lethal weapons? 649
Why Hilda's set for another military coo. 643
Why I blame the Baggies for my husband's illness; Soccer legend Ronnie's tragedy. 753
Why I no longer play on the wing - Baggy bird. 301
Winner and losers in the fame game. 573
Wizard of Ozz coming to town. 265
Woeful Wolves savaged by slick Ipswich; Ipswich 3 Wolves 0. 699
Work? We're having a party; Friends club together for new career. 741
Writer Stan scoops top award. 237
You're kidding, Gordon. 312
You've got to hand it to her! 95

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