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Sunday Mail Opinion: The truth will out Charles.

IN 1936 all of America knew all about King Edward's affair with divorcee Wallis Simpson.

This wasn't just a matter of prurience or gossip. It led inevitably to constituional crisis and abdication.

Yet ordinary Britons were kept in the dark by deference to the throne and establishment power.

More than 60 years on and the Royals STILL want to keep you in the dark.

If you live in America you can read housekeeper Wendy Berry's account of life with Charles and Diana.

If you live in Scotland, you cannot.

Prince Charles yesterday took the unprecedented step of obtaining a court order against the Sunday Mail.

The interdict will, temporarily, stop us revealing some home truths.

The legal action comes as REAL concerns emerge about high-value gifts to the Royals which were sold on for profit or, as butler Paul Burrell revealed, earmarked for destruction.

We believe no one, not even the heir to the throne, is above the law or beyond the scrutiny of a free press.

Prince Charles talks a good game and gives the appearance of being in touch with ordinary men and women.

But he took a giant leap back to the 1930s by gagging the Sunday Mail.

The Palace's action proves they are caught in a timewarp, terrified of letting us shine a light into the dark recesses of a hidden world.

The one thing Prince Charles' intervention has done is to focus the debate on the future of the Royals.

Do we want a democracy with free speech where the public interest comes first?

Or an outdated monarchy where privilege and self- interest rule?
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Nov 17, 2002
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