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Sunday CWTCH.


Do something different this weekend EVERY child loves to dress up so if you've got a few empty boxes free, think twice about throwing them away.

They could make the perfect fancy dress outfit, for fun at home or for a party.

Here are some ideas that could provide not only a great costume, but hours of fun.

RECYCLED ROBOTS: You will need: * Cardboard boxes big and small * Cardboard tubes * Kitchen foil * Paper plates * Double-sided sticky tape Method: * All you need for this brilliant robot are lots of boxes - big and small - and other cartons, paper plates, and anything else that can be recycled. Silver-painted knee-pads, shoe-box shoes, and a pair of rubber gloves just finish him off.

Grab a head-sized box and help your children cut out holes for eyes and a mouth.

Get a bigger box for the body and cut out a hole for the head, then use old Pringles tubes for the arms, as well as a pair of rubber gloves.

Cover the boxes and a pair of knee guards in silver foil as well as two shoeboxes with holes for the feet.

Add kitchen rolls to look like controls, as well as a paper plate. Add two plastic drinking cups for ears and watch their happiness as they are transformed.

GALLOPING HORSES: FOR THE BODY: * Find a cardboard box that's big enough for the child to fit inside then cut off the long flaps at the top and all the bottom flaps.

Use strong parcel tape to secure the short flaps and cut out some coloured paper and stick it to each end first.

Then, measure the paper against the box and cut it to size. When you have stuck the ends down, glue the sides in place.

FOR THE HEAD: * Draw a simple horse's head shape onto some cardboard. Cut out the shape then trace both sides onto coloured paper. Tape the head in place on the box.

To hide the tape, stick strips of paper over it. Before you stick the coloured paper over both sides of the horse's head, snip the end of the nose off each piece, leaving the nose the colour of the box.

REINS: * For sturdy reins to control your wild horse, thread some ribbon through the nose.

TAIL* Make a tail out of the same colour piece of paper as the horse. Cut out a large square to the length of the tail you want. Then fold the paper over and cut it into strips, leaving the top uncut.

SHOULDER STRAPS: * Use ribbon for the straps, attach them to the box and adjust the length so your horse hangs at the right height.

Tip: If the straps slip off your shoulders, tape them together at the back.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Sep 24, 2011
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