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Do something different this weekend IT'S December 1 which can only mean one thing - it's time for the official countdown to Christmas to begin. And what could be more satisfying than making your very own Advent calendar and getting into the Christmas spirit? Here are some simple ideas: Pin board Advent Calendar You will need: | Cork pin board | Paints | Drawing pins | Wrapped sweets.

Method: Paint the pin board however you like, but make sure you include the numbers 1-24.

Pin 24 sweets to the board, one on each number. Everyday you can take one away.

Christmas tree bauble calendar You will need: | Large sheet of green paper | Sheet of backing card | Glue | 24 paper fasteners | 24 card circles | Pens | Thread Method: Cut out a tree shape from the green paper and glue it to the backing card.

Make 24 holes in the tree (push a ballpoint pen through carefully). Push a paper fastener into each hole.

Decorate each with a picture on one side and a number from 1-24 on the other. If you do not want to draw the pictures you could cut them from old cards.

Make a hole through each circle and thread a length of thread through, tying securely. Loop each bauble around a paper fastener. Each day turn the appropriate bauble around to show the picture.

Advent matchbox tree Kids can have fun making this cute Advent Matchbox Tree, for you to fill with exciting treats - just open one draw a day during December and soon it will be Christmas.

You will need: | 24 matchboxes | Green acrylic paint | Glue | Glitter and any other decoration that you would like | Number stickers Method: Glue a line of six matchboxes side by side.

Glue a line of five matchboxes on top of them. Then glue a line of four matchboxes on top of that, with two rows of three on top of those. Now glue on a row of two and finish with a single matchbox. You will have a pyramid of matchboxes.

When the glue is dry, paint the pyramid green. Use number stickers to label the drawers 1-24. Decorate the pyramid with glitter and anything else you like so it looks like a decorated tree. Now fill up the draws with little treats for Advent and watch the kids get very excited.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Dec 1, 2012
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