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Sunday's TV.

Wonders of the Solar System BBC2, 9pm Over the years scientist Brian Cox has been a keyboard player with D:ream, and one of the boffins behind the Large Hadron Collider, that super-expensive gadget designed to recreate the Big Bang. In this new offering, Brian explores the Sun's magisterial rule over every world in the Solar System. In India he catches a total solar eclipse and explains that the Earth, of all the planets in the Solar System, is the only one to have a moon that completely obscures the face of the Sun.

Seven Ages of Britain BBC1, 9pm This week, David Dimbleby looks at the Age of Money. In the 18th century, the triumph of commerce led to the emergence of a new 'middle' class - a social group who craved pleasure and novelty, developing their own tastes in art.

Dimbleby explores the resulting Golden Age in painting as Hogarth, Reynolds and Gainsborough reinvented the British style. He views banknotes of the age, Wedgwood pottery, Chippendale furniture and satirical prints designed by James Gillray.
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Date:Mar 4, 2010
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