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SunTech Medical's Oscar 2 ABPM Used in Study Linking Vitamin D Deficiency and Hypertension.

MORRISVILLE, N.C. -- A study led by Dr. William White and Dr. Pooja Luthra at the University of Connecticut Health Center is using the Oscar 2[TM], 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor (ABPM) to investigate a possible link between vitamin D deficiency and hypertension.

The hypertension study will help identify if vitamin D deficiency is a cardiovascular risk factor by measuring changes in 24 hour blood pressure using the Oscar 2 ABPM from SunTech Medical.

Hypertension expert, Dr. White explains, "We selected the Oscar 2 ABPM because its design supports patient comfort and compliance, which is a critical success factor for our research, and because it provides consistent, accurate and reliable data, allowing us to gain the most insight on the actual effects of the treatments related to 24 hour blood pressure."

The Oscar 2 ABPM enhances patient comfort with its compact, light-weight design. The motion-tolerant technology reduces re-inflates and failed readings, and a special algorithm reduces measurement time by calculating the inflation rate based on the previous systolic measurement. In addition, the quiet pump allows a more restful nighttime reading and the patented stretch-sleeve design of the Orbit blood pressure cuff keeps the cuff in place.

Using the Oscar 2 ABPM and included AccuWin Pro[R] V3 software, Dr. White and Dr. Luthra will capture vital information about fluctuations in patients' 24 hour blood pressure, including overnight readings and critical morning-surge data, allowing them to acquire an overall blood pressure profile and enabling day-to-day progress monitoring.

The goal of the hypertension study is to improve treatment through the identification of all risk factors. "SunTech Medical continues to stand behind our products and their role in improving healthcare for the benefit of patients and providers worldwide," states Dayn McBee, CEO of SunTech Medical.

About SunTech Medical

SunTech Medical is the preeminent supplier of clinical grade blood pressure monitoring products and technologies. More than 75 companies use SunTech Medical's OEM non-invasive blood pressure technologies within their patient monitoring systems. We produce the leading cardiac stress test blood pressure monitor and are the world's foremost manufacturer of ambulatory blood pressure monitors (ABPM).

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Date:Jan 18, 2010
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