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Sun visor for south-facing windows.

A wooden eyebrow projects above these six south-facing windows. To stop direct sunlight from entering and overheating the interior, architect Hiro Morimoto of Emeryville, California, sized the visor shade to block the high summer sun and to provide some rain protection above the stairs leading to the second-floor entry to Evelyn and David Lennette's house.

To soften the sunlight, bronze-tinted sheet acrylic tops the wooden frame. The clear fir framework has a Japanese-influenced grid supporting the acrylic. The main frame, which is bolted to the wall studs and header above the windows, is made of fir 4-by-6s, 3-by-4s, and 2-by-4s. Marine varnish seals the wood.
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Date:Apr 1, 1985
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