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Sun Woos Software Developers With Powerful, Cost-effective Hardware/software Development Environment.

PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 3, 1998--

Company Delivers Award-Winning Development Tools to

Power Hungry Sun Workstation Users

Sun Microsystems, Inc. today introduced a cost-effective package of powerful software development tools that lets developers create complex, business-critical Solaris(TM) operating environment applications quickly and easily. As the platform of choice for software developers building technical and enterprise applications, Sun's robust hardware and software offerings are now available to developers at the lowest price ever.

Sun is delivering these competitively priced tools to complement the company's recently announced Ultra(TM) 5 and Ultra 10 workstations, enabling developers to affordably upgrade to the latest technology for creating solid, reliable, high-performance applications. Targeting the rapidly growing software development sector of the workstation market, the Sun(TM) Professional Developer Suite(TM) product is available at a cost of only $1,155 when purchased with any Sun workstation. When purchased with one of Sun's new Ultra 5 systems, developers are offered a complete Solaris operating environment development seat - hardware and software - for approximately $5,000.

Both the Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 workstations offer software developers powerful graphics, unparalleled floating point price/performance and the ability to run PC, Web and Java(TM) applications while retaining complete compatibility with Solaris operating environment applications. The Sun Professional Developer Suite product includes single-user versions of the company's award-winning Sun(TM) Visual Workshop(TM) C++ Personal Edition, Java(TM) WorkShop(TM) and Java(TM) Studio(TM) development tools. Together, these tools provide the most productive environment for building applications that take advantage of the reliability, scalability and security of the Solaris operating environment and Ultra systems. By offering both C++ and Java tools, Sun is making it easier for developers to extend the reach of their existing applications by adding the ubiquitous access of Java technology as an interface for users on any platform.

"There are many markets that demand the processing power of the Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 systems," said J. P. Morgenthal, president, NC.Focus, an IT management consultancy and analysis firm in Hewlett, NY. "At this price point, companies are getting a superb developer workstation deal that includes C++ and Java."

"Sun is aggressively focused on SPARC(TM) Solaris, the most productive, powerful platform for enterprise and technical applications," said Genelle Trader, senior director of marketing for Workstations and Graphics Products, Sun Microsystems, Inc. "We continue to innovate and enhance in hardware, operating system, development tools and Java technologies so that developers can create powerful new applications that solve whole new types of problems."

In addition to powerful, tightly integrated and easy-to-use development environments for C, C++ and Java technology, the Sun Professional Developer Suite product boasts several features not found among many competitive products. These features include run-time error checking for quality and productivity improvement and faster time to market; sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) creation, re-engineering, test, and cross-targeting to Microsoft Windows systems for easy design and modification of cross platform user interfaces; thread analysis and profiling for performance optimization; and an extensible, flexible toolset for customizing the development environment to the developer's preference. These features are in addition to the integrated edit, compile debug, environment and configuration management software which constitute the core of a developer toolset.

In order to leverage the growing list of JavaBeans(TM) components available to developers today, the suite includes Java Studio software, an intuitive, graphical environment which lets users rapidly create dynamic Internet and intranet Java applets and applications without programming. Java Studio software includes over 50 JavaBean components, such as animation, sound and drawing, to speed assembly of a rich variety of applications from exciting, dynamic web pages to formal presentations. Through reuse JavaBean components greatly reduce the development cost and testing of new programs.

Also included in the Sun Professional Developer Suite product, Java WorkShop boosts developer productivity and cuts development costs by allowing developers to speed time to market of Internet-based applications written in the Java programming language. Java WorkShop software offers one of the most advanced software IDEs available for building custom components. It also supports the latest JDK(TM) standards and the new JavaBeans component model.

"At about $5,000, Sun is offering developers a highly competitive choice versus comparable PC hardware and software packages," said Mark Liebman, president of Vividata, a Berkeley, Calif.-based software developer. "ISVs will no longer need to sacrifice performance in order to cut costs. With the Sun Professional Developer Suite, developers will be able to take advantage of high performance Sun hardware while leveraging Sun's leading-edge development tools for mission-critical application development."

"We use Sun hardware for development because the Solaris OS is rock solid and it provides superior performance," said Rob Theis, Sr. Vice President of NEON, a leading provider of enterprise software based in Englewood, Colorado. "In the past, the price difference between UNIX(R) and Microsoft Windows products was substantial. But Sun's recent launch of the new Ultra series workstations removes the UNIX price barriers at our customer sites. Now all developers can enjoy the power and stability of Sun hardware and software."

Pricing and Availability

The Sun Professional Developer Suite product is available immediately with the purchase of any Sun workstation at a competitive list price of $1,155 (a). Purchased with a Sun Ultra 5 workstation with 17" monitor, the entire hardware and software package is available for $5,050. With CD-ROM drive included, the list price is $5,200. The Sun Professional Developer Suite product is available through Sun's direct sales channel, as well as from resellers and systems integrators. The Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 package can also be purchased on-line through SunExpress at

Java One

Thousands of Java technology developers will descend on San Francisco March 24-27 for JavaOne(sm), Sun's 1998 Worldwide Java Developer Conference(sm). Join the inventors of Java technology and engineers on the front line for an update on the latest happenings in the industry and a technology roadmap for 1998 and beyond. To register dial 800-668-2741 (650-372-7077 for international callers) or visit For press registration contact Mary Everette Glenn at or 202-530-4505.

About Sun Microsystems

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, "The Network Is The Computer(TM)," has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW) to its position as a leading provider of hardware, software and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet. With more than $9 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at -0-

(a) When purchased individually, the list price of the tools in this Suite as of March 3, 1998 is $2219.


Editors' Note: Press announcements and other information about Sun Microsystems are available on the Internet via the World Wide Web at

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Press announcements and other information about Sun Microsystems are available on the Internet via the World Wide Web using a tool such as Netscape Navigator or Sun's HotJava. Type at the URL prompt.

CONTACT: Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Joanne Sperans Hartzell, 650/786-5404


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