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Sun Microsystems and Nortel Networks Enterprise Continuity solution. (Top Technology Showcase).

Sun Microsystems has unveiled Enterprise Continuity, a solution designed to deliver business continuance "no matter what."

With this solution, multiple data centers now act as one unified, productive data center. If one site goes down, transactions are quickly and automatically routed to alternative sites. There is no need for time-consuming restart of applications and manual restore procedures, greatly reducing the time to recovery, lowering costs, and generating a better ROT for industry segments such as financial services, government, healthcare, retail, and others.

The Enterprise Continuity solution includes Sun's advanced UltraSPARC processor-based servers, Sun StorEdge Open SAN Architecture, Sun StorEdge storage arrays, and SunPlex clustering technology, utilizing Sun Services, along with Nortel Networks DWDM-based OPTera Metro 5200 Multiservice Platform, of which Sun is an authorized reseller. The Sun solution utilizes dark fiber and Nortel Networks optical technologies, saving companies up to 35% in the second year of implementation when compared to current solutions using traditional leased telephone lines.

Enterprise Continuity offers companies and governmental bodies the ability to cost-effectively separate data centers far enough apart to be protected in the case of a disaster. The result is increased assurance that their critical business information and applications are protected and always available. An additional benefit can be the substantial savings available by locating alternative data centers in suburban or rural areas versus more expensive urban locations.

Sun Services, working with Nortel Networks, helps provide a complete solution that meets the unique requirements for each customer, including infrastructure design, training and proactive support that help make non-stop operations a reality. As a key element, Nortel Networks has joined the Sun Vendor Integration Program (SunVIP) to support this clustered long distance storage area network (SAN) solution. Customers with specified service agreements have the flexibility and simplicity of contacting a single vendor who can provide fully integrated support for more efficient handling of service requests.

The Sun StorEdge 3900, 6900 and 9900 series storage systems and Sun Fire 15k server have already been pre-tested and certified for this solution in Sun's SAN Verification Lab in Broomfield, Colorado. Certification of the remaining members of the Sun server and storage families is already underway and is expected to be completed in the near term.

Also offered under the Enterprise Continuity solution is Sun's data continuance portfolio including optimized SAN solutions, SAN solutions leveraging optical technologies to extend for distance, off-site back-up, mirroring, point-in-time copy, and remote replication, as well as proactive services and support.
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Author:Schultz, Nick
Publication:Computer Technology Review
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Date:Dec 1, 2002
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