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Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Regina Gameos, Federal Program Manager, Education Services

As a computer technology innovator, Sun Microsystems pioneered one of the first workstation concepts in the early 1980s. This technology included TCP/IP, known today as an Internet protocol suite. Sun also engineered one of the first network-filesharing systems, which helped bring network computing to the desktop PC.

The company, which started in 1982, later incorporated with only four employees. Today, Sun has offices in over 170 countries and has grown into a $15.7 billion, globally oriented, network computing company.

Recently, Sun announced the marketing of a new compatible enterprise-level, data disaster protection, remote, recovery system, that is designed to protect data-bases against disruptions caused by natural disasters, human error, software bugs and power failures. By linking redundant data storage, across geographically separate sites, this new protection system is intended not only to protect important data, but also to reduce recovery time following a disaster.
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