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Sun Dog Bead Company.

Kristin Donithan is the owner of Sun Dog Bead Company and she has been a part of the industry for 10-and-a-half years. She currently has one employee.

Kristin's mission for her business is to provide great customer service and create an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable. As for her vision, she wants to keep up on current trends in the bead and fashion industries to help her business continue to flourish.

Before she owned Sun Dog she worked there as the bookkeeper for four years.

When the original owner wanted to sell, Kristin decided to buy it.

She talked about how she loved the atmosphere and how creative it was and how creative she could be there.

She also enjoys the fact that she is now her own boss and doesn't have to live under the expectations of someone else. Her favorite part about owning her own business, though, is she is able to come to a peaceful environment.

However, Kristin also faced challenges. She had to learn about the stones and types of beads she was selling, along with other materials such as cloth and thread. She didn't worry too much about it because she has books and the Internet on hand to help her out.

As for her customer base, she found no challenge at all with that because the business already had built good relationships and a good customer base.

Family is important to Kristin, she said, and she likes having the flexibility to go to all her children's events and have family time.

When she purchased the business, she opened a door full of opportunities. She was able to meet new vendors and make new relationships with customers and fellow bead company owners.

She has been able to travel and visit huge gem and mineral shows in places such as Tucson, Ariz.

Kristin's advice to a hopeful entrepreneur is to have enough capital saved up to avoid having to borrow money.

She also suggested talking to friends and family and other business owners about what they think about a business idea or even about a business once it's started. Ask what they don't like and for suggestions or ideas to help make a business stronger and more successful.

She cautioned, though, that some businesses don't like to interact with other businesses and can be a threat.

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