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Sun Bridge Foods.

While Chiang Mai is awash with Japanese restaurants, sometimes you just want to have some at home, or serve food to visiting guests. So why not try the high quality pre-cooked foods and frozen foods from Sun Bridge Foods?

Sun Bridge Foods is a must-go Japanese shop, where you can find a wide range of seafood and fish recipes for your Japanese dishes. You can go to the freezer and pick up kinki, salmon or eel, all imported from Japan. Food is guaranteed to be safe as it is frozen with Proton Freezing technology, which ensures full nutritional value.

One of our favourites is the grilled eel which is pre-grilled complete with sauce. All you have to do it put it into the microwave, et voila! Apart from the fresh fish and meats, there is also Japanese rice grown in Chiang Rai, many different kinds of sauces, seaweeds, tofus, wasabis, teas, sakes, as well as Japanese kitchen essentials and ingredients to make any lover of Japan and its cuisine happy.

At Ruamchok Mall, 204/70 Chiang Mai-Phrao Road, T. Nong Jom

Tel. 065 445 6594

Facebook: Sunbridgechiangmai

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Publication:Citylife Chiang Mai
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Date:Aug 20, 2019
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