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Sun Boosts Performance Of Its Ultra 1 Product Line; UltraComputing Success Bumps Sun's Lead on the Competition.

MENLO PARK, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 23, 1996--Building on the growing momentum of its Ultra product line, Sun Microsystems Computer Company today announced a new addition to the Ultra 1 workstation family, offering a higher level of overall system and improved graphics performance. The Ultra 1 Model 200E extends the industry-leading 200 MHz UltraSPARC-I processor to the mid-range Ultra 1 Creator product family, making an even higher level of performance available to the technical and scientific communities. At the same time, Sun reduced prices on add-in memory modules by as much as 40-50%. For example, a 64MB SIMM has been reduced in price from $2,950 to $1,400.

The Ultra workstation family took the industry by storm when it delivered UltraComputing, the advanced supercomputer system architecture for the desktop that delivers the highest application performance in the industry. Ideal for markets such as EDA, MCAD, Oil/Gas, Finance and Software Development, the Ultra family has been the platform of choice for the technical and scientific community since its launch in November 1995. Dataquest reports that Sun led the entire workstation market once again in 1995, with 36.1% of the market. Due to increasingly broad acceptance of UltraComputing and unprecedented success of Sun's Ultra product family, Dataquest has reported an increase in Sun's already no. 1 marketshare rating to 39.2 percent in the first quarter of 1996.

"Sun leads all its competitors in the key technical markets because it continues to raise the bar in system performance," said Gene Banman, vice president and general manager of Sun's Desktop Products Group. "With the new Ultra 1 Model 200E, Sun continues to deliver on its promise of supercomputing performance on the desktop."

Built on Sun's UltraComputing architecture, all systems in the Ultra suite have a differentiated system design that has previously never been seen on the desktop for high-speed networking, collaborative computing and the use of complex multimedia data. The Ultra 1 Creator Model 200E features a 200MHz UltraSPARC-I processor with 0.5MB external cache. The system also incorporates the unique features of Sun's Ultra technology including:

-- Ultra Port Architecture (UPA): Supercomputer-class technology that allows multiple transfers of data such as disk, memory, graphics or processor access to happen at once, so that users experience fewer delays when performing complex tasks.

-- Visual Instruction Set (VIS): Sophisticated graphics and multimedia technology built into the microprocessor for operations such as running video or displaying photorealistic images.

-- Creator Graphics: Takes advantage of UltraSPARC and VIS technologies for extremely fast graphics manipulation

-- 3D-RAM: Part of Creator Graphics, this innovative technology was co-developed with Mitsubishi and tightly integrates several memory technologies for sophisticated three-dimensional graphics

-- Sun FastEthernet: Advanced networking technology that offers up to ten times today's networking performance for tasks such as Internet access and large data and file transfers.

-- Fast and Wide SCSI -- Offers higher and improved bandwidth for I/O intensive applications

The new Ultra 1 Creator Model 200E and Ultra 1 Creator3D Model 200E will be available in late August of this year with an entry price of $26,995 and $28,995 respectively. Customers can purchase the Ultra 1 Model 200E as a complete new system or as a motherboard swap with all existing models in the Ultra product line for $8,995.

Sun Microsystems Computer Company is a world leader in the design, manufacture and sale of network computing systems and is a division of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Recognized for quality and innovation, the company's SPARC workstations and multiprocessing servers each hold the No. 1 UNIX marketshare position. These systems are used primarily by businesses, educational institutions and governments worldwide for technical, commercial, industrial, and software development applications.


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Date:Jul 23, 1996
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