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Summit brought disruption, not jobs.

WELL I would like to congratulate Carwyn Jones, our wonderful First Minister, for once again wasting another PS3m of our hard earned money on hosting the Nato summit several months ago. Why on earth are we paying for this circus? The Government in Westminster organised this so they should foot the bill, not us.

Carwyn Jones states that Wales should be proud of its achievement and the benefits to our country. Perhaps Carwyn Jones should give us some information as to exactly how many new jobs this summit has generated and also how many companies have invested in Wales since.

This jolly for second-rate politicians caused an enormous amount of inconvenience for a lot of people in Wales. Where on earth was Carwyn Jones during this time? We had schools closed for several days, we had some schools on short time, many parents were forced to take time off work to collect their children from school early, probably losing pay in the process.

We in the Vale lost most of our local hospital staff due to them being seconded to Cardiff, which left a skeleton crew, roads were closed and some businesses had to close for the duration.

Oh yes, Carwyn, it was fantastic for Wales and probably made you feel good rubbing shoulders with Obama, but for a lot of us it was just an expensive jolly for secondrate politicians.

Let's be quite honest, all this security was not for your benefit, or Cameron or Merkel, it was for Obama.

The one thing that sticks in my mind regarding this circus is the sight of war planes and tanks stuck on the greens at Celtic Manor.

Carwyn Jones, you are much too free and easy spending our money on rubbish.

And the jobs at Deloitte were not attracted to Wales due to the summit. Roll on the election so we the people can kick you out.

DJ Radford Barry

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Publication:South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)
Geographic Code:4EUUK
Date:Dec 19, 2014
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