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Summit Micro Expands DAC Offering.

CAMPBELL, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 17, 1998--Summit Microelectronics has expanded its family of non-volatile, digital-to-analog converters (DACs) with the addition of two devices, both of which have four independent 8-bit DACs.

Each of the four DACs has a standard 8-bit data register to hold the binary value of the output voltage. In parallel with the 8-bit data register is an 8-bit EEPROM register that can load its contents into the data register or itself be loaded with the contents of the data register. Each DAC also contains a resistor network, and its outputs are buffered by a unity gain amplifier.

The S9408 and S9418 employs a serial interface that is compatible with the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) for both read and write functions. Both devices offer differential non-linearity of +/-0.5 LSB and integral non-linearity of +/-1 LSB, and both are specified for operation from a single 2.7V to 5.5V supply. Each of the S9408's and S9418's four DACs can be programmed independently, and each has its own electrically isolated voltage reference input.

"These devices are unique in the semiconductor industry," explained Richard Palm, Summit's vice president of Marketing. "All other DACs currently available require an external EEPROM for programming. Because the S9408 and S9418 incorporate non-volatile memory on the chip they can eliminate the cost, power consumption and board space required by an external EEPROM. Additionally, the unique design of the devices enable system diagnostics down to the chip level," he added.

This is the second major family of digital-to-analog controllers introduced by Summit. Previously, the company brought to market its S9317 and S9318 DACs that were designed specifically to be high-resolution, price-equivalent replacements for both mechanical and electronic potentiometers.

The output states of the new S9408 DAC, which the user can save in EEPROM memory, may be recalled and loaded into the four DACs at power-up. Alternatively, the S9408 can load '00' at power-up. These power-up options are controlled by the 00/REG\ input. At power-up on the S9418, data is recalled from EEPROM and loaded into the four DACs.

However, the user can force the output to '00' using an analog MUTE function. Unlike the 00/REG\ input, the MUTE function can be invoked at any time. On both the S9408 and S9418, the DAC's output values may be changed at any time after power-up without affecting the data in EEPROM.

The S9408 and S9418 are each available in the 20-pin SOIC package priced at $2.80 in 1,000-piece quantities.

Summit Microelectronics, Inc. focuses on the integration of analog and EEPROM technologies to provide cost-effective solutions to a variety of applications in the telecommunications, consumer and automotive markets. Its website is

 CONTACT: Summit Microelectronics, Inc.
 Rick Orlando/Rich Palm, 408/378-6461

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Date:Aug 17, 1998
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