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Summers, Gillian. Into the Wildewood.

SUMMERS, Gillian. Into the Wildewood. (The Faire Folk Trilogy.) Llewelyn, Flux. 338p. c2008. 978-0-7387-1332-8. $9.95. J S A

It's been three weeks since half-elf, half-human Keelie Heartwood finished her first Renaissance Faire tour with her full-elf father. After finding out the secret of her heritage, learning to communicate with tree spirits, and nearly being killed by a rogue fairy, she's ready to start over at a new Faire where she can relax. When her father demands she get a job to cover her shopping habit, though, Keelie's idyllic dream is shattered by a series of embarrassing Faire jobs in even more embarrassing costumes. Even worse, she's now being haunted by the guardian of the forest--a unicorn--who desperately needs her help to save the trees, but whose powerful spell may cost Keelie her life. Summers' first novel in The Faire Folk Trilogy, The Tree Shepherd's Daughter, is a delightful immersion into magical forests, mysterious fairy folk, and a teenage protagonist with an attitude as charming as her curly bob. Into the Wildewood retains much the same appeal, although its plot similarities to the first novel make it a slightly less original and compelling read. A mixture of Clueless and The Two Towers that somehow melds them with style, Summers's book will attract both new fantasy recruits and diehard fans. Cara Chancellor, Hollywood, FL
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Author:Chancellor, Cara
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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