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Summer skool.

AFTER GRUELING NEGOTIATIONS, THE 2005 KING OF THE ROAD teams have finally and officially been confirmed. Reigning champs Zero will be defending the title against the awesome powers of the Alien, Element and, dum-da-dahhhh: Flip team! In a related story, the 2004 KOTR DVD is finally (really) available.

He may not have a new board sponsor quite yet, but Krew's Evan Hernandez has got a baby on the way courtesy of his special lady friend. Congrats, Even.

After barely a year (and a top-notch tip squad), the powers that be pulled the plug on Matt Mumford's Legacy While the Mutt and super-am Peter Watkins found a quick home on the Label, the big winner may be Aussie sensation Shane Cross, who was invited to try his luck on the fearsome Flip team. No news on spots for Duffy, Strubing, Gutterman, Allen and Pease, but you just know tippers like that won't have problems hooking up wood.

The non-transitionally-oriented children of Kettering, Ohio have a new God and his name is Robert! It seems after years of toil and planning, Rob Dyrdek's Skate Plaza will finally open this June with ribbon cuttings, pro demos and so much more.
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Title Annotation:Trash
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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