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Summer of good reads; Eight great new books with an outdoors theme to inspire and intrigue.


From inspiring tales of real-life achievement to an account of classic sporting rivalry and the exploits of a legendary engineering family, our book selection has your holiday reading covered Downhill From Here: Running from John O'Groats to Land's End By Gavin Boyter PS9.99 w w w. Edinburgh-born writer and film-maker Gavin Boyter was approaching his middle 40s, single and with no kids, and wondering what his life was all about. A runner all his life, he started to think about what an ordinary runner might be capable of. So he decided to run from John O'Groats to Land's End. He was neither the first nor the quickest to achieve this feat but Downhill from Here is his real triumph, written with wit and personal depth.

Cycling Climbs of Scotland: A Road Cyclist's Guide By Simon Warren. Out May 4, PS8.99, Simon Warren, author of bestselling 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs, has turned his attentions to the hills and valleys of Scotland. He has picked dozens of the best cycling hill climbs, all amid superb scenery. The book could be a tick list challenge for keen road riders or a guide to where to tackle the toughest climbs in different regions of Scotland.

Walking the Song By Hamish Brown PS8.99 Legendary Scottish climber, walker, traveller and author Hamish Brown writes a personal account of his many journeys and adventures over six decades.

From his "dancing days of spring" to his still active life, Walking the Song is more than an autobiography, with numerous great stories of the outdoors written as short articles.

Running Hard: The Story of a Rivalry By Steve Chilton PS17.99 hardback w w w. For one brilliant season in 1983, the sport of fell running was dominated by John Wild and Kenny Stuart. Wild was an incomer from road running and track, while Stuart was born to the fells, but an outcast because of his move from amateur to professional and back again. They destroyed the record book, only determining who was top by a few seconds in the last race of the season. Running Hard is the story of that season, and an intimate look at the two men.

A Mountain Before Breakfast By Alan Rowan PS9.99 munro Writer and walker Alan Rowan first did the Munros at night and wrote about it in Moonwalker. Next, he set his sights on the Corbetts. Cue more madness and mayhem. There are car crashes and roads that don't exist; wild pigs and staring goats; the temporary loss of both feet; supermodel posties and giant chickens, to mention just a few of the funny and inspiring tales.

Scottish Lighthouse Pioneers, Travels with the Stevensons in Orkney and Shetland By Paul A Lynn PS16.99, In the 19th century, the Stevenson engineers pioneered a series of amazing lighthouses around the coasts of Scotland. This book reveals the fascinating story of the Stevensons as engineers and as a family . It will appeal to lighthouse enthusiasts, lovers of Scottish islands, anyone with an interest in maritime history and all those who enjoy a human story.

The Excursionist By JD Sumner Out May 17. This novel tells the story of newly single Jack Kaganagh, who wants to visit 100 countries before a landmark birthday. But Jack is not that well suited to travel. The book is a satirical and darkly comic story that addresses some big questions and may well inspire people to jump on a plane and jet off somewhere new.

Rowing for my Life: Two Oceans, Two Lives, One Journey By Kathleen Saville PS19.91 Saville, who holds two Guinness World Records, tells the story of rowing with her late husband, Curt Saville, across the Atlantic then the Pacific in a homemade rowboat. These feats shaped her her life, but also exposed fault lines in her marriage.

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