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Summer dates for Brookfield Engineering courses.

Brookfield Engineering, Middleboro, MA, has announced summer dates and locations for three one-day courses that cover the topic of viscosity and texture management. The "Practical Course on Viscosity Measurements" is scheduled for June 15 in St. Paul, MN; June 22 and August 17 in Middleboro, MA; and August 24 in Piscataway, NJ. The "Applied Course on Viscosity Test Methods" is slated for June 23 and September 15 in Middleboro. The "Practical Course on Texture Analysis" is to be held June 13 and September 12 in Middleboro. Arrangements can also be made for these courses to be conducted at a company's location, and the content can be tailored to specific product applications.

For more course information or to register for a course, call 800.628.8139 or 508.946.6200 or visit
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Title Annotation:Meetings Update
Publication:JCT CoatingsTech
Date:Jun 1, 2006
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