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Summer at its finest.


For many Mississippians, nothing inaugurates summer quite like picking buckets full of fresh, plump blueberries. And if the very thought makes your mouth water, Desoto county's Nesbit Blueberry Farm is just the spot to usher in the season.

Twenty-five years ago, the well-cared-for fields of Nesbit Blueberry Farm were completely untamed. But that didn't stop George and Pat Traicoff from buying the land.

"At the time, the neighbors of the farm were amazed that we intended to plant the place," George recalls. "No one could remember anything being done with the land but to let it grow wild."

With the help of their five children and numerous relatives and friends, George and Pat had the land cleared and planted by the following spring, and the rest is history. Now the farm is "virtually an oasis in the middle of an urban area," says George, who expects around 10,000 visitors to the farm each season.

The picking begins on June 15th this year, and visitors will be given a gallon bucket to fill with their choice of the farm's Rabbit-eye blueberry varieties, including premier, climax, tiff blue, and Austin. "If they want more buckets, which most do," George adds, "the staff will take more buckets out to them and bring the full containers back."

George encourages his customers--children and adults alike--to taste the berries fresh off the vine as they fill their buckets and makes sure that there's ice water in the fields to refresh the pickers. "Dress cool and come on down and enjoy summer at its finest," says George.

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Date:May 1, 2008
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