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Summer Vacationers Look to Wilson Electronics for Stronger Cell Phone Signals on the Road and on the Water.

Amplifiers and Antennas Extend Signal Range in Cars, Trucks, RVs and Boats

ST. GEORGE, Utah -- It's "summertime, and the livin' is easy," as the classic Gershwin song reminds us. What's not so easy sometimes is using your cell phone when you're taking the family on that cross-country road trip or motoring across the lake in your boat. Poor signal reception can put a real dent in your travels when you want to call ahead to find a motel in Miami or see if those cousins in Corpus Christi are home. And, the inability to use your cell phone becomes more than an inconvenience when you're faced with an emergency situation such as a breakdown or an accident. Fortunately, Wilson Electronics has a solution and offers a full line of cellular amplifiers and antennas that significantly improve cell phone performance and extend battery life in all sorts of mobile applications.

For travelers on the open road, Wilson offers more than 10 different amplifiers, each designed to provide reliable cellular signal improvement in cars, trucks, RVs and other vehicles. Users can choose from single- or dual-band models, depending on their service provider and frequency. They also have their choice between direct-connection amplifiers, which use a cable/adapter connection to the cell phone, or wireless models that allow for more freedom of movement and enable multiple users to connect simultaneously. Wilson mobile amplifiers can increase cellular signals 10 to 15 times and are as useful in marine craft as they are in vehicles.

With up to 10 times more power than a cell phone alone, Wilson amplifiers feature advanced electronics that are very sensitive and able to receive faint signals that would go undetected by most cell phones. Using up to three full watts of power, they are also designed with sophisticated Smart Technology(TM) to prevent oscillation and signal overload, thus protecting carrier cell sites from harmful interference.

To complement its line of powerful signal amplifiers, Wilson offers more than a dozen mobile antennas that allow users to customize a system to their specific needs and preferences.

For example, an RV enthusiast might choose a dual-band wireless amplifier and combine it with Wilson's new RV/Trucker Spring-Mount Antenna to capture the signal from the cell tower, along with a dual-band dome antenna to broadcast that signal wirelessly throughout the RV. A boater, on the other hand, might select a direct-connection amplifier and connect it to Wilson's new weatherproof Marine Antenna.

For "plug and play" simplicity, Wilson offers its SignalBoost(TM) Mobile kit, which includes a dual-band amplifier for both Cellular and PCS frequencies, a mini-magnet antenna that mounts easily to any metal roof, and a universal connector that attaches to any cell phone or data card - no adapter is needed.

From cars to cabin cruisers, and everything in between, Wilson offers a wide range of signal improvement solutions for anyone on the go. With a Wilson amplifier/antenna system in place, motorists and boaters will enjoy fewer dropped calls and improved signal quality (for both cell phones and laptop data cards). And that makes for easier livin' in any season.

Wilson Electronics products are available through authorized dealers in all 50 states and in countries around the world. More information, including product details and dealer locations, is available on the company's website: or by calling Wilson Electronics at 800-204-4104 or 435-673-5021.

About Wilson Electronics Inc.

Wilson Electronics Inc., a leader in the wireless communications industry for nearly 40 years, designs and manufactures a wide variety of amplifiers, antennas and related components that significantly improve cellular signal reception and transmission in both mobile and in-building applications. All products are engineered and assembled in the company's headquarters in St. George, Utah. With expertise in RF antenna and amplifier research and development, the experienced Wilson engineering team uses a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, including an anechoic chamber and network analyzers, to fine tune antenna designs and performance. For amplifiers, Wilson uses double electrically insulated RF enclosures and cell site simulators for compliance testing. All Wilson products are designed and tested to the highest quality standards possible. For more information, please call (800) 204-4104, email or visit
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Date:Jun 28, 2007
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