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Summer Olympics ... stone age style.

If star-wars technology is getting you down, you might appreciate a day-long retreat to the world of the pre-Columbian Indian. The time is 9 to 5 on Saturday, June 15; the place, Coyote Hills Regional Park--a system of gently rolling hills that front the South Bay at Fremont. The occasion: a Stone Age Olympics.

Neolithic Olympians will learn to hurl the atlatl, a spear-assisted dart used by Ohlone Indians for hunting game, then compete in a field course with varying terrain and targets. Bring your own atlatl, if possible. For a sheet on how to make one, write the park at 8000 Patterson Ranch Rd., Fremont, Calif. 94536, or call (415) 471-4967.

You can also run in a mile-long Indian-style footrace (bring a ball less than 6 inches in diameter to kick as you go), play hoop-and-pole games, take part in a firestarting contest (you twirl a wooden drill in hopes of an eventual spark), and wathc or participate in a primitive archery competition. For the latter, you'll need your own homemade bow; loaners are avaialble for other events.

Winners in each category get awards, and the overall athlete of the day becomes the park's Stone Man.

Knowledgeable volunteers, supervised by naturalist Norm Kidder, will assist beginners, but the activities are not recommended for children under 8.

Coyote Hills is the site of Ohlone Indian excavations. Some of the finds are interpreted in the visitor center.

To get there from State 17, go west on State 84. Turn right on Newark Boulevard, then go left on Paseo Padre Parkway to Patterson Ranch Road. Watch for park signs amid new construction.
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Title Annotation:Stone Age Olympics at Coyote Hills Regional Park, Fremont, California
Date:Jun 1, 1985
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