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Summary board of directors meeting.

Friday, June 6, 2008

PRESENT: Ella Harmeyer, President; Barbara Kelly, Vice-President, Judy Barbeau, Secretary; Paula McAfee, Treasurer; Eleanor Donnelly, Jennifer Embree, Michael Fights, Vicki Johnson, and Katie Willock, Directors; and Ernest C. Klein, Jr., CAE, Executive Director

OTHERS PRESENT: Glenna Shelby, ISNA Lobbyist; and Anna Flynn, ISNA Marketing Assistant

ANA DELEGATES: Esther Acree, Dorene Albright, Joyce Darnell, and Sandy Fights

Ernest Klein introduced new ISNA staff Anna Flynn, Marketing Assistant

Glenna Shelby, Vice-President, SDS Group, ISNA Lobbyist, announced that Doug Simmons will be moving out of state. A new partner will join SDS Group this Fall.

Accepted the Board Minutes of: April 4, 2008 and the Board Conference Call Minutes pf April 29, 2008, with the correction of adding Eleanor Donnelly as present.

Adopted the 2008-09 ISNA Strategic Goals as amended.

Appointed Karen Yehle, Angela Heckman, and Sally Hartman to a three-year term on the ISNA Committee on Approval. Nominated C. Sue Johnson for the ANA Nursing Practice Standards Committee.

Voted to sponsor the for reception of Rep. Peggy Welch, incoming President of the Women's Legislative Network.

Renewed the Bank of America CD for six months.

Pres. Ella Sue Harmeyer reported on the Midwest Constituent Member Associations meeting April 12 and 13 in Chicago and discussed proposed ANA bylaws changes, affiliate groups, and membership.

Vice-Pres. Barb Kelly reported on that the Indiana Nursing Workforce Development Coalition is focusing on development of grants and legislation toward the promotion of nursing faculty.

Treasurer Paula McAfee reviewed the April Financial Statement.

Ernest Klein, Executive Director discussed the written staff report. The contract for ISNA to administer 4th year of ISNAP was signed.

Noted that the ISNA Chapter for Psychiatric Nurses is planning a workshop for October 25, 2008.

ANA Delegates and Board members discussed the proposed amendments to the ANA Bylaws and the proposed resolutions.

Voted to renew the employment contract for Ernest C. Klein, Jr. as ISNA Executive Director for a period of one year.

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Date:Aug 1, 2008
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