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Sumitomo obtains United States patent.

Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Company, Limited (Osaka-fu, Japan) has patented semaphorin Y inhibiting neurite outgrowth, and a nucleotide sequence therefor, as well as other Semaphorin sequences hybridizing to the Semaphorin Y sequence, modified proteins or partial peptides of Semaphorin Y, antibodies against Semaphorin Y, antisense nucleotides against Semaphorin Y gene, and the use of such substances as pharmaceutical or diagnostic agents or laboratory reagents are disclosed. Further, a method of screening for Semaphorin Y antagonists employing Semaphorin Y, Semaphorin Y antagonists obtained by the screening method, pharmaceutical agents comprising such antagonists, and transgenic animals involving Semaphorin Y are also disclosed. (US 6,566,094)
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Title Annotation:Sumitomo Pharmaceuticals Co.
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Date:May 1, 2003
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