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Suminagashi: The Japanese Art of Marbling.



SchoolArts' article on suminagashi (p.12) provides an interesting entrance into the wonders of this ancient craft. The renewed interest in suminagashi and marbled paper is also attested to by the recent publication of several books about this approach to paper decoration. Subtitled The Japanese Art of Marbling, this book is the smallest in format of the three books reviewed, but it does pac a great amount of practical information into its eighty pages. The author combines her knowledge of Western marbling techniques and her studies with Japanese masters of the craft. She describes a basic difference between Japanese and Western art in this way:" In the West . . . the artist strives to master and control his materials in order to achieve a preconceived end. In the East, the materials must be allowed to do what they would do naturally. . ." Thirty-eight of the sixty-four illustrations are full-color examples of both contemporary and traditional suminagashi, complemented by numerous excellent line drawings of tools, masterials and processes. Recommended as a practical introduction to a fascinating craft.
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Author:Anderson, Kent
Publication:School Arts
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Mar 1, 1992
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