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Sulphur by-product: a potential indicator of early dental plaque-induced gingival disease. (Poster Abstracts).

The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship between volatile sulfide compounds and gingival health status, and to identify if volatile sulfide compounds can detect early dental plaque-induced gingival disease, while using an experimental gingivitis model. The sample consisted of 12 subjects aged 19 to 28, with a healthy gingival status. A split-mouth design utilizing the mandibular arch was used. After baseline data collection, and for two weeks thereafter, subjects refrained from brushing and flossing one randomly selected half of the mandibular arch. At baseline and six subsequent appointments, gingival inflammation, bleeding on probing, and sulfide levels were obtained using the Gingival Index and the Diamond Probe/Perio 2000 System. The Pearson correlation and the Wilcoxon test were used to compare the relationships among gingival inflammation, bleeding, and sulfide levels between the brushing and non-brushing sides at each interval.

The non-brushing side data revealed the sulfide levels correlated significantly with the Gingival Index (P<0.0001) and bleeding on probing scores (P<0.01). On the mean plots, sulfide levels were observed to increase before clinically visible changes in the gingiva occurred. Sulfide levels appear to be the most sensitive indicator among three dependent variables in detecting early clinical dental plaque-induced gingival disease.

Michele Leonardi Darby, BSDH, MS
Hui Zhou, RDH, MS, (private practitioner)
Gayle McCombs, RDH, MS
Kenneth Marinak, DDS, MS
Old Dominion University
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Author:Darby, Michele Leonardi; Zhou, Hui; McCombs, Gayle; Marinak, Kenneth
Publication:Journal of Dental Hygiene
Article Type:Brief Article
Geographic Code:1USA
Date:Jan 1, 2003
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