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Suitable for multi-tasking: purpose-built scrap handlers help the Shulman Company accomplish a variety of tasks with efficiency.

As The Shulman Company, Elmira, N.Y., shopped for new material handling equipment, it ultimately chose an 88,200-pound Sennebogen wheeled machine to handle the variety of tasks and materials it faces on a daily basis.

Shulman Company is a broker and processor of ferrous and nonferrous scrap metals and scrap paper and operates an industrial refuse removal and container service. The business, located on a 30-acre site in Elmira, is led and operated by Steve and Zach Shulman.

"Today, the secret for any successful operator is to make sure that each of your operations is running as efficiently as possible," says Zach Shulman. "Then, the sum total of all the parts will be greater than the whole."

The company's search for the right material handler started in 2002. Although Zach and Steve had been loyal for some time to one hydraulic material handler company, they began to think that it could be time to change brands. Many of their existing machines no longer met the criteria associated with their business philosophy.

"It's not that they were not good machines, but they required too much service and, therefore, we were not meeting our productivity numbers," says Zach. Additionally, the Shulmans determined that they were looking for what they considered to be purpose-built machines. With the duty cycles that are built into the scrap business, they felt that they could no longer operate converted or modified excavators. They also felt that it was time to find a unit with a cab that offered their operators the environment they were looking for. Therefore, cab ergonomics and operator comfort were near the top of the wish list.

The other element that they felt quite strongly about was the need for rubber-tired machines. This would give them the mobility and the productivity they needed. It also meant that they could bring the machines up to the blacktop and not risk damaging them.

The machine that met these criteria and that impressed them the most was a Sennebogen 835 M material handler (rubber-tired model),which became their first purchase. The Shulmans say the 88,000-pound scrap handler "felt that it was more machine" than some of the other machines they had tested. They also liked the stability of the machine while it handled loads and the fact that the lifting capacity was greater than their previous machines, as was the fuel economy.

"When Sennebogen promises, they deliver. It's always great to do business with people like that," Zach says.

In a competitive scrap environment, only a few places are left to derive savings, and one of them is by increasing the overall productivity of an operation's equipment.

Zach Shulman says he is pleased to have found that the people at Sennebogen continue to deliver on their word and that the level of productivity and mobility his company has achieved continues to exceed his expectations.
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Comment:Suitable for multi-tasking: purpose-built scrap handlers help the Shulman Company accomplish a variety of tasks with efficiency.
Publication:Recycling Today
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Date:Apr 1, 2004
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